April 22, 2021


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Satoshi Nakamoto and the Civil-War Within Bitcoin

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27 thoughts on “Satoshi Nakamoto and the Civil-War Within Bitcoin

  1. I'm worried it'll become centralized and a system that banks will use. But, I'd like to add that, with Bitcoin you are free to do what you want. You can store it, to hold value, you don't have to use a centralized service for payments. I like Bitcoin because it gives us an option outside the banking sector. Even if the banks are planning on joining, I can still decide to keep my Bitcoin on the blockchain in a cold wallet.

  2. Satoshi must stay anonymous becouse he will be destroyed with bitcoin from dark enterties.. he done great work..! He saving world from destruction like war for resurces and dirty money

  3. But lighting network is a temporary solution until we solve the blocksize problem. That might be a very wise move by satoshi or "Adam back"

  4. If Adam back is really good with mathematics so he is stoshi 100 percent. Because some people like him everything is not about to get rich or fame those people knows how banks are around the globe ripping people off so he came up with best o best idea to put end line in the banks.well done stoshi God bless you.

  5. You see… Wealth is like trash, it attracts rats. Watching the whole crypto currency thing from far far away, i came to my personal conclusion. The traditional financal system is sh*t… but crypto currency, in whatever form, is no solution.

  6. It is possible Nakamoto could really be Japanese. In Japan, even now, they are taught in English class to put 2 spaces at the end of each sentence. Also, many Japanese who do a work-study program do so in Australia or New Zealand, which speak British English.

  7. You as an individual/individuals dug so deep into the Vlogs Articles and Videos to put together This Particular Video and assuming it took you some time and effort to gather and link up and make this Video then what are the chances that while Adam Back was selling everything to the Feds and global copo leaders, he was traced and contacted by the nsa and the other intel agencies to sell everything to them under the carpet…They could have solved the puzzle very early than anyone before….The Point is Feds, Banks, Intel agencies could have all the taps on records and monitors and controls everything

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