March 5, 2021


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SCAM: Arizona Election Fraud Testimony | Good Morning #MugClub

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38 thoughts on “SCAM: Arizona Election Fraud Testimony | Good Morning #MugClub

  1. Do you remember the media's widespread allegations that Russians "hacked" the election in 2016 when they had zero evidence? And does it make it harder to believe them now when they claim voter fraud is impossible?

  2. Can somebody tell me how many people in the Bible fought against evil tyranny let me give some names. King David, Abraham, Moses, I don't know maybe the whole Bible David had so much blood on his hands he couldn't build the temple

  3. this is why (though i love my pastor, he is one of the best pastors i know) I'm not going to church until they stop saying we can pray on one another, or have a choir, so i save up missed tithe that I'll give when they allow people back in the sanctuary.

    and my pastor doesn't like or agree and would rather not practice social distancing, or mask wearing.

    it's his wife and the other people he listens to who are trying to enforce those rules on the congregation.

    also, for churches there are counsels of pastors.

    they tried to sue Virginia for asking us to wear masks on the basis of discrimination. instead of religious liberty.

    then said on the bulletin, what they are asking us to do (IE not have a choir, sit in your car outside, wear a mask and don't pray on people) is not unlawful or unscriptural,

    i love my pastor and hate the state counsel.

    personally, I'm working to become a pastor after i finish helping my parents pay 2 car payment and then help them get a better house instead of a broken down trailer, then help them with the house payments until we can drop down the minimum payment amount, low enough that they can pay for it, then save up money to go to seminary school, ad become a pastor.

    i live in Virginia, with a stupid governor and a treason-ness attorney general.

    pray for me God's favor for a steady decent paycheck as a dish washer for Virginia tech

  4. This is something that I feel like people dont understand or know. Constitutional rights are not unattackable, they can be restricted with the right enabling act. I still do not think its right to create laws and mandates for everyone but exclude the few

  5. American Dems: Voter Fraud Doesn't Exist!
    Me, A Canadian With More Than 5 Brain Cells: Yeah, Totally…
    But seriously though, in 2019 we had interference from FaceBook and over 3500 cases of voter fraud that we even know about. Heck there's probably way more that the media still hasn't told people about and never will.

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