33 thoughts on “School in New Zealand and Argentina | Planet School | S01 E03 | Free Documentary”
  1. Why do they talk about a Paraguayan girl that doesnt even live in Argentina to talk about the Argentininian school system? First of all they should talk about Buenos Aires, and not about some girl that does not even reside in Argentina.

  2. Can we just appreciate that they got the facts for NZ wrong? Seriously guys. I love your docu's but do please proper research for these. The NZ capital is Wellington, not Auckland. The currency here is NZD (New Zealand Dollars) $, not Euros.

  3. La clase alta manda a sus hijo a que aprenda como sobrevivir en la jungla, lo pobre sobreviven en ella y manda a sus hijos para tener un futuro mejor que irónico

  4. The helmet in Argentina is imposed by law. If you are not wearing a helmet at the time of riding your motorcycle, the police can confiscate the motorcycle. Then, you have to pay a fine for not wearing the helmet, pay more money to get your motorcycle back and then buy a helmet so you follow the rules and the motorcycle is not confiscated again. It's cheaper to buy the helmet from the get go. 😐
    Mia's performance was so good. 💞😍

    Forest school!!! That's a learning we all need!!! ❤
    32:52 I loved doing that as a kid. Climbing trees was my favorite. I did it at my grandmas backyard. There was no forest school in the city I grew up, Argentina. 🙁

    I love this documentary!! It's introduced traditions and ancestry. The Guarani Indians of Paraguay and Argentina and the Maori of New Zealand.

  5. Some are going to learn in the forest just because its fun. While children from the other side are trekking through jungles, savannas and rolling through dangerous rivers by necessity just to get to school. The world is such an unfair place. Watching this and comparing with dangerous ways to school. I feel like shedding a tear what opposites. I cant stop about thinking about all those little kids. Such is life

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