September 17, 2021


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Scoliosis, How to Self-Mobilize at Home to Improve Posture

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38 thoughts on “Scoliosis, How to Self-Mobilize at Home to Improve Posture

  1. Just here to say a big THANK YOU!
    I’ve worked in the fitness industry, seen countless trainers, physio therapists, massage therapists etc and this video was the first time I realised there were things I could be doing to help counteract my curve.
    I’m now one year into schroth therapy and my entire movement pattern/injuries finally make sense and it’s amazing how much I’ve been able to correct!
    I wouldn’t have known about schroth if it wasn’t for you guys, thank you ❤️

  2. I found out I have scoliosis a year ago where my right shoulder is lower than my left shoulder (my spine is slightly in an S-shape to compensate for the fact that I was having a shorter right leg). I was wondering, if I use an ergonomic chair and set the right armrest higher than my left one, would that be a good idea to slowly fix my uneven shoulders issue?

  3. Some positivity Bob already! At 33 degrees $80 is chump change on our search for any relief and how do you know we won't understand that book? Maybe wure mo' smarter than u thinc!

  4. thanks for the tip I bought the Backpod years ago but I started using it just a week ago and I realize that since I have scoliosis it is more beneficial if I use the backpod to the side where there is the curve

  5. I used to sleep on hard surface , mostly right side , i felt pain in mid back , then thread like pain in thigh muscle , then to the toe.

    I can play cricket , footlball, volleyball with no pain
    But still i feels pain in midback & so on in sitting position
    So please suggest me what can i do to get rid of it .

  6. I was diagnosed with mild scoliosis when I was 12. I have a leg length difference. Even though I wear a show insert, my hip still bothers me. I have been told I have bursitis, arthritis or periformis syndrome. It’s annoying to try to figure what the problem is exactly.

  7. Thank you so much sir, I've been following your channel after my rotator cuff injury your excercise and instructions helped me lot to recover from that. Thanks once again for your kind work .
    Im from INDIA ..

  8. My youngest daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis when she was 12. It progressed so quickly (42-78 in five months) even with bracing it was too severe. One month before her 13th birthday she had spinal fusion at Shriners Hospital in Springfield MA. She gained 2.75inches in height and is now 21. She continues to feel great.

  9. Hi doctors, thanks for the videos, I wanted to ask you about another topic… I had surgery on both hands due to a Quervain's tenosynovitis, after two months I no longer have pain in my wrists but I have this new pain on my forearm, I think it's the extensor muscles. What at can I do to improve it. Thanks.

  10. That's funny, I have myofascial pain syndrome, and I sewed two tennis balls in a sock that I do the same thing with. The two tennis balls allow it to roll up and down my back, easily repositioning it as I breathe and stretch my ribs and back. Seems to be the same thing.

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