May 8, 2021


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Scottish Lockdown: Arrested and fined at an Edinburgh rally

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46 thoughts on “Scottish Lockdown: Arrested and fined at an Edinburgh rally

  1. How can people still be asking the wrong questions?
    Whilst everyone is being distracted by the "Trojan Horse" Covid pandemic the real worry is being implemented by the Elites.
    It should by now be patently obvious to everyone this is not about the virus and why Boris is ignoring the Great Barrington Declaration. Research led me to the World Economic Forum. 
    They state that post Covid, Capitalism is to end as we know it and so is our idea of normal. 
    A whole new worldwide economic system will be employed. For this reason our economies are being purposefully collapsed. It is part of the plan. 
    The Lockdowns and Mask wearing and daily fear broadcasts are all to wear us down so that we will accept the “vaccine” more readily. None of their numbers make sense, we know they’ve inflated their numbers with *death for any reason within 28 days of a positive Covid test. 
    It simply is not the killer they pretend it is. 
    The news spouted death figures originally, when these disappeared to near nothing they employed a defective test to then ramp up CASES figures….keep the fear high!
    All ridiculously obvious tactics. 
    They want a Green utopia where people do not travel or consume as they do now. It is underhanded, but sounds reasonable hey? That is until you understand that to build, all has to be destroyed first. More than that they talk of Equal Outcomes rather than Equal Opportunities, this is effectively Communism, the end of our individual liberty, freedom and human rights. 
    They will ultimately force this vaccination, first through the offer, then coercion…take it or be ostracised from bars, events, travel, jobs. “Please display your digital passport proving your vaccination status.” This will track your comings and goings and what will this vaccination contain, if not now then maybe down the line when the whole world is taking it, fertility reduction? All part of reducing population size? We already know those private companies producing the vaccination are exempt from any complications/deaths resulting from this injection. Will you take it? Twice per year? 
    We are walking into a living nightmare and our Government is wholly complicit. 
    Research them yourselves. 
    *The World Economic Forum
    *The Great Reset
    *Build Back Better
    Ask why the World Economic Forum Mantra of “Build Back Better” is being parroted by the likes of Boris, Trudeau, Jacinda Arden and Biden?
    It’s not about saving lives, it’s about destroying the economy in order to rebuild the new Green 4th Industrial Revolution. 
    Through this lens the political irrationality we see makes perfect rational sense. 

    What future do you want to leave your children?

  2. British people once chopped off their king's head because they disliked his policies. The French did the same thing to Ludivic 14th. Nowadays the new policies are not very popular. I guess, history as always will repeat itself. :))))) The governments should get their heads together now while they can. :)))))

  3. I was arrested in Dundee, Scotland for lending books for FREE from a SUITCASE LIBRARY. I was arrested, cuffed, put in a small cage in the back of a Police van, was held for approx. 4 hours in a cell, my DNA was taken, I was fingerprinted (which involved a woman holding my hands for roughly 10 minutes as she took prints of my fingers and hand from every possible angle IN A TINY, INTERNAL ROOM)!!! Eventually I was charged with "Culpable & reckless conduct" (endangering life or health, maximum sentence LIFE IMPRISONMENT). I am the younger of the two who were arrested on Saturday 16th January for our acts of kindness in the community.

  4. Hi my mom is Scottish born watch the movie brave hart the English ware doing what the government is doing not to the people The Scottish people had to fight for the freedom from the English same song and dace

  5. What police do
    Use violence and intimidation to coerce people to comply with laws made by politicians.
    Definition of terrorism
    The use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.

  6. They command you to back away from them as they approach, what tyrants. Typical pig POS.

    The purpose for the masks is to dampen the kinetic energy and filter the spittle droplets we all breath out. Many of those police are wearing masks with valves built into them. These valves do not filter the air going out. In fact they act as a nozzle to spread the droplets with more velocity then an unmasked face. They wear these masks because they are more comfortable for the user and more dangerous for the public around them. They care more for themselves then they do for the public, which, should come as no surprise. Also if they are n95 masks they should be saved for the doctors and nurses in the hospitals, who in fact need to protect themselves.

    Side note. The brave scottish? Fighting spirit? Are you confusing your selves with the Irish. You ancestors were massacred and oppressed for daring to speak of freedom from brutal british rule. You cowards could not even vote for your own independence over british rule. You don't get to pretend you are brave. You are a disgrace to Celt's every where. If your ancestors were alive they would spit in your cowardly faces and worse. Brave scottish, what a laugh. Note how the I is capitalized and the s and b are not, and I got scottish blood.

  7. How do you spot an Englishman in Scotland? Well he's usually wearing a tartan hat and Barbour jacket! Trying to fit in with their own stereotypes but end up looking like twats. 🙂

  8. Well the police wouldn't need to bother if you stayed at home like the rest of us have to… What makes u guys so special… Hate to be the one to say but 90% of the people in Scotland would enjoy watching the police pick them clean aff their feet and drag them all to jail… Stay at home

  9. We need to close our ears to the propaganda that is raining on our heads and turn away from the lying mainstream media that has completely colluded with the government. People need to shake off this fear and paranoia and demonstrate by their actions that they no longer believe this altered reality that is being presented as truth.

  10. So what's new ?
    Doesn't every Marxist Government protect themselves from 'the people' they supposedly 'represent' with all the trappings of a brutally aggressive Police State ?
    Censorship ….
    CCTV Surveillance ….
    Bugged/recorded phone calls ….
    Dissident voices silenced/arrested ….
    This is what people are voting for when the vote Marxist; which is why the Marxist Political Parties have to rig Elections, falsify the Media content, etc …. etc ….

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