March 8, 2021


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“Screw this, let's do it!”: Small toy store REOPENS, defying Peel Region lockdown

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20 thoughts on ““Screw this, let's do it!”: Small toy store REOPENS, defying Peel Region lockdown

  1. With all your brains and education I find it hard to believe you are all so stupid…All you are doing is showing why we are not really concerned with the general populous. And are part of the problem. There come a time when we have to look out for the better good of us all. This guy said it all people are calling and coming from the united states who knows what they are bringing with them from elsewhere. The reporter is way under 6 feet and non masked how considerate is he.

  2. These comments give me hope! Everyone is waking up to the corruption. Thank you everyone keep fighting for our freedoms! Love to all of you.
    China’s economy is booming and all democratically run country’s are on lock down. Please think of that. Stay strong stay awake.

  3. I started the new year with a letter from revenue canada threatening legal action if I don't pay my balance of $3,000 for my hst asap – if I had not been shutdown for 3 months last spring I would have been able to pay it then .. I have spent the year paying them more than $500 a week each week I have been working .. but I had to stop payments with being shutdown again .. and now the threats start .. they are the only ones I owe money .. and they keep shutting me down .. and somehow I'm supposed to be able to pay them …guess I should be skipping my mortgage and utility bills to pay the government while they won't let me work .. so depressed … :'( … I have not been able to catch up from the losses of income of the last shutdown and now another …

  4. Unfortunately, most of our population are sheep , they will not open up ! Why are they doing this ? Small business is the heart and soul of every economy, so the economy will crash and u will b more dependent on the government. You clowns r kidding yourselves if u think this is going’ away . The vax will not change anything ☠️

  5. The UK would never have the balls to do this….their citizens don't deserve freedom, why should they have it such is their obedience…used them as a free labor force

  6. Congrats why do let the goverment force us and tell us what to do how to do it and why to do it we have no freedom anymore we are communist fake covid Make Canada Great Again !!!🤟🇨🇦🇨🇦🤟

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