March 5, 2021


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"Second Wave" or Winter Resurgence? My thoughts expressed mid-August 2020

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40 thoughts on “"Second Wave" or Winter Resurgence? My thoughts expressed mid-August 2020

  1. Sweden is bad with it now, it didn't work,,get up to date. I agree with a lot of what you say apart from that. Tell people they can send away for a card that states you dont need to wear a mask…you dont need to explain why, it states the law on it and if we all got and sent away for one then what would they do? fight back..talking is ok but action speaks louder..lockdown will kill us faster than anything..SEND AWAY FOR A CARD AS I DESCRIBED ABOVE,,,YOU DONT EVEN NEED TO STATE THAT THERE IS ANYTHING WRONG WITH YOU


  2. And yet, there is an EXCELLENT, effective, inexpensive treatment protocol for Covid19 sufferers at ALL stages, but our govts and SAGE and our media are ignoring it! Why? Because it would stop the excuse for these lockdowns immediately!! @t Spread the word. The full protocols are on this site: @t along with the latest peer-reviewed pre-print of an in-depth review of the research. THIS will save lives, save hospital beds, save the NHS and save what's left of our economy. Flood the inboxes of your MPs, the PM, the FM, your local media, tell friends and relatives. Demand this treatment if you or a loved one gets sick. Buy your own supply so you're ready if you need it. Don't let any more innocent people be murdered for the lack of this simple treatment!!

  3. GREAT video! Again.
    The WEF website is very open about their inhumane plans, Klaus Schwab is very open about his deranged psycho plans, The unelected Microsoft weirdo who now presents himself as a medical expert to the world is also very open about his inhuman brain-twisting plans, so why not just mention it, when you ask 'yourself' why in gods name gov's do what they do !! The similarities in gov. policy in many countries does not make it too difficult for you to think that there must be a global plan.
    Apparently it is still too unimaginable that people prefer to leave it out. And understandably.

  4. There can be no understanding of what's going on in the world without understanding…..Genesis 1: 1 …. In the beginning God…

    Now read the rest of the story through to Revelation 22.

  5. Great recap Ivor. Have you any thoughts on the suitability of a vaccine trial where the real treatment causes an innate immune response but the placebo doesn't? I believe that with a low virulence disease like the Covid, an innate immune response caused by the injection of any antigen could be largely responsible for a significant treatment effect.

  6. Again, I’m anti lockdown but you’re not addressing the increase in deaths, cases and ICU admissions. Have you changed your mind? You did an analysis on the Irish figures a few weeks ago but seem to have gone strangely quiet now.

  7. There is an agenda behind this. It has never been to do with a virus, not really.
    There was a virus released from Wuhan, but that finished by the summer.
    Now they are just combining flu and pneumonia and ' covid', as if they ar the year and actually they are ( for many who die of flu it is pneumonia that takes them).
    No the Agenda is New World Order/ The Great Reset/ The Fourth Industrial Revolution/ digital currency/ transhumanism. Essentially, a synthetic biology takeover by technology.
    And no, they don't ever intend for it to end, because they plan for these controls and restrictions and surveillance to merge into the same things being ' needed' for one reason after another ( climate change being a big one). And literally an endless vaksination programme.
    Time for people to realise that the virus is a distraction while World Economic Forum and the World Bank and all the big players are planning your dystopian future at Davos.
    ( I am not saying people haven't died, by the way, but that the classification of cause of death is being grossly falsified. Now the ' severe new strain' is being used as a cover for what are really vaksination deaths).
    Time to stand up and say NO.

  8. They brought in draconian measures in the summer after the care home deaths subsided so as to covince us there is a pandemic, and they weren't responsible for these deaths by transferring the hospital patients into the care homes without testing. Denis Rancourt explains it brilliantly…

  9. I'm surprised at the whole of the UK. I was surprised when I didn't see the Scots stand up against this, and was quite proud of the Welsh by the way they protested (a man walking round a supermarket partially naked because clothes were classed as non-essential). We need more innovative action to be taken by people. We need to join up, get to know our neighbours and get friends with like-minded people.

  10. Looking at the CEBM Florence Nightingale plot of total deaths for 2020 in the UK, I would say yes deaths are up from about Oct 11, but in no way do the numbers resemble a 'second wave' to match March/April. Surprising given MSN news would suggest things are a lot worse than March/April. It looks a lot like what Yeadon and Cummings were saying, we could expect. Interesting to see what things look like for 2021. Apparently in the UK, we are on to the third wave. So it should look spectacular given SAGE are 50% certain the new mutant on the block which is more deadly.

  11. As far back as December 2019. the official Chinese media were recording people falling over in the streets and hospitals were overflowing with covid-19 people on death row. Wuhan is now party city, If you don't know when you've been duped then that probably indicates you basically have a goldfish level of memory. Just a sheeple in other words.

  12. I don’t know how you’ve done it for so long, you must bang your head against that wall a lot, fair play Ivor I used to follow you on Twitter until I got banned for sending vax stuff to phizer

  13. In the Interests of the People channel (Aust), 24'1'21 vid. Premier Andrews To Stand Trial At The International Criminal Court? <;

    A state Treasury economist resigned from the Victorian government after 18 years of service, in protest against being asked to remove social media posts critical of Victoria's tough COVID-19 lockdowns. Sanjeev Sabhlok left the Department of Treasury and Finance after being asked to remove social media posts critical of the Chief Health Officer and the government's continued restrictions on people's liberties. In one of several posts critical of Professor Brett Sutton, he said "Victoria's chief health officer is massively exaggerating and misleading the entire public and politicians". You can see more at his blog:

    'Do you know the Scientific History of Lockdowns?', 14 Jan '21, (14 mins)
    . <;
    By Kate Wand. This film is based on a letter by an international team of professionals, researchers and activists, calling for an expedited investigation into scientific fraud in public health policies. Full letter here: <;

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