June 17, 2021


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Secret Yukon COVID quarantine hotel hiding in downtown Whitehorse

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33 thoughts on “Secret Yukon COVID quarantine hotel hiding in downtown Whitehorse

  1. The PANAMA PAPERS just got bigger…….
    American Election Fraud…..
    Global Covid Scamdemic……

    The State of Colorado tried to sue and shut down Charis Bible College. Charis counter sued based on the US CONSTITUTION…. THEY WON!!!

    VAXXX ????????????????????????
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  2. Id love to see them try to detain me in a covid hotel it will be a fight especially with a heavy duty diesel truck with steel plate bumpers and grill protectors I have 2 tanks so I can go for awhile

  3. The one in the Yukon is seemingly sensationalized in its coverage here because many locals did and do know about it (in part) but the fact remains that the reporter (was) barking down the correct ally here as well as the other hotels they unearthed. Rebel never gets it very far off and they almost always hit the nail on the head. They have a great series of these CORONA hotels across the country from Toronto to Vancouver….ours is so mild comparatively and nearly vacant but the others are a disgrace and the people pushed (and forced) into these larger hotels even are left with the huge bill to have to pay….forced into debt by the government and forced to only eat pathetic Red Cross food while there. What a shameful disgrace and by an already criminal government.

  4. The jab is not a v, it is synthetic gene therapy. Fact. Moderna has never been in vaccine research production ever. They produce chemotherapy treatments. They know it. they are lying to get vaccine liability protection. Gene therapies are not protected from liability. The media is lying. It has never been safety tested. Stop this vaccine. At any cost.

  5. Refusing to be injected with the vaccine & refusing to turn your assets over to the government will be reasons to be jailed in these detention camps in the future. Thank you for exposing their existence.

  6. there is so much wrong with this video… "only one individual has died" go say that to the individual's family. one death is already too many, Keean.

  7. The problem that I find is that even when all of it is exposed Canadians are very indifferent of the truth, no one does anything, or demand questions from the government

  8. It’s not a secret. I live here and everyone knows. They make it an option for people who can’t quarantine at home. You have to quarantine for two weeks if you come from out of territory. You should know that if you flew in to film this. This is so much drama.

  9. I long for leaders of integrity, strength of character, courage and willingness to take risks for their countries and the people they serve. Are there any Lincolns out there? God help this troubled world!

  10. Justin Trudeau will ruin this country if all Canadian do anything or do something to get him out of there because this guy is not normal to do things like that it's something is going on will lose our freedom it will take all her weapon from us hunting weapon everything we got and you will try to keep us poor

  11. I always thought that Canadians are smart people,there’s a lot off citizens leaving in Canada that they escaped from communist countries and they voted for communist government?

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