March 1, 2021


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Secrets For Longevity & Happiness: Dan Buettner | Rich Roll Podcast

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30 thoughts on “Secrets For Longevity & Happiness: Dan Buettner | Rich Roll Podcast

  1. does Rich Roll take mass transportation? I really like Rich, but he says "we gotta get people to ….. " I don't agree. People have to step up to the plate themselves. The info is there on everyone's phone. He say's he lives in an "embarrassment" of riches. Why an embarrassment? If he were so embarrassed, why did he aim himself in the direction of success. Success is not an embarrassment. This kind of thinking is very contradictory and strangely self-effacing … might I say hypocritical? If it is such an embarrassment, why Rich, are you not giving it away to great productive causes? Give so much of it away so that you won't be embarrassed?

  2. I work for the Heart Foundation in Australia- promoting physical activity and active living through changes to the built environment to make movement automatic (just like Dan says!). Dan is undoubtedly the most fluid and successful advocate we have in this space globally. What a champion.

  3. I tested my calorie burn on an e-bike vs a normal bike. E-bikes are not great exercise at all. On a regular bike over 10 miles, I burned between 500 – 600 calories. On the same route with an e-bike, I burned between 100 – 150 calories. E-bikes are just bikes for lazy people – sure it’s better than doing nothing at all but there is no substitute for the real thing.

  4. Rich, great interview. Question: on the audio-only version of this episode you gave a preview of Robert Kennedy Jr coming up next week. I can't find that episode. It sounded like an important message and the preview was quite hyped-up. Is that episode available to listen to somewhere? If not, can you speak to why it wasn't released?

  5. Incredibly thought provoking and fascinating ! I’ve listened to it several times now. The cookbook is absolutely gorgeous and we are going through each Blue Zone’s recipes and cooking each one. This talk inspired us to make a lot of positive changes in our lives. Thank you, Rich and Dan.

  6. There once was a time when children rode bicycles to school. Now children are driven in a minivan.
    Every city needs to do more to encourage people to ride bicycles. Protected bicycle lanes that provide a safe way to travel are needed. Bicycles are healthy exercise and a fossil fuels free transportation option. Ride a bicycle to work, school or for fun. Every child should own a bicycle and use it daily. Cities need to encourage walking, bicycles and mass transit and not cars.

  7. I have been working a lot with the local Blue Zone effort. The food aspect has been working quite well. The built environment is an uphill battle. I new multi-lane, fast section of road was recently built next to our amazing central park…which is also the busiest area for foot traffic. It is a disaster. Someone has even been killed trying to cross this new section of road. I have labeled most of our community as #MEFIRST attitude. Blue Zones is doing their best here, and it is changing slowly. Personally, my wife and I have been holding monthly Blue Friday Cocktail parties that are fully plant based. We invite friends from our different connections. It has been a big hit over the past couple of years. We typically have 25 or so friends attend. The make up of the group changes month to month as some cannot always make it. I also teach at a public school and see the lack of exercise and poor eating habits of students. It does need to change. Great podcast. Thanks guys.

  8. Make 4 columns , passions , what you are good at then look at the commonalities then design your career and lifestyle around that Embrace irrational optimism . Don’t let people dissuade you.

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