June 17, 2021


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Security kicks shopper with cerebral palsy (and a legal mask exemption) out of Manitoba Walmart

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45 thoughts on “Security kicks shopper with cerebral palsy (and a legal mask exemption) out of Manitoba Walmart


  2. I had planned to go to a walmart (only place near me open) to get my daughter in law a birthday present. I will never go in a walmart again because of the way they treated Alex. (I'll send her a card and flowers instead.

  3. So what are we doing about this type of ignorance. Absolutely nothing except complain about it in a confined space such as this. Shame on us. I’ve thought on something to do but cannot come up with anything viable. Let’s put our heads together people and fight back on these idiots. WALL OF SHAME!!great idea. Let’s get someone with experience in the field. Let’s start putting some muscle behind these types of shameful acts and shame them.

  4. May the LORD bless you Alex, I have Christian friends that have cerebral palsy in Toronto (the guy and his lady friend both have cerebral palsy and married each other, it was bumper to bumper wheelchairs and it was truly amazing! ) but they have been kicked out of church more than once because their wheelchair either took too much space or was too noisy.

    They of course have been ridiculed and rejected in other places too.

    in the last days men's hearts will grow cold . Matthew 24:12

    And all this happened to them before covid now how much harder (like this Rebel video so excellently shows) it is like today with this over reaction and over reach?

    A good song (if you want) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQxYgMiBlwM that pertains to all this.
    Rez Band "The Chair"

  5. The security probably lacked the training to deal with him, I've worked in retail and can tell you if I had a customer like him that I couldn't understand Id just call a manager let them deal with it, but at the same time it kinda goes without saying he's exempt its like the approached him and aggravated the situation.

  6. Security guard = failed existens!

    I would have kicked this guard in the teeth seeing this scene! Just teach the thugs some manners!

    My voice for the voiceless! My fist for the innocent!

    Get your morals straight humans and wake up!

  7. I would love to assist people who are mask exempt to go to stores safely, and stand up for them if they get mistreated. I carry around a mask exempt card, a copy of the mask exemption section printed off the PHO website, and another paper that says that the business will get sued for up to 50,000 if they don’t allow me in from bchumanrights ?? that shuts them up real quick. In his case though he can’t show them all these papers quickly which is why I would love to help and escort anyone disabled or mask exempt to the store and fight for them. His care aid did not help him enough. She should be fighting for his rights as well. I would put the store employees/managers in their place. I don’t know how to reach out but I think we should start a Facebook page or something so we can start helping the disabled go get essentials like groceries etc and accompany them to the stores. I would do it completely free on my spare time. It would give me great enjoyment to stick it to the store workers who think they are above human rights.

  8. God bless this man for telling his story. I challenge everyone out there to gather COVID fines like badges of honour. None of them will stand in court. The only way to beat this Tyranny is to violate the mandates as much as possible.
    If we all violate the mandates it’s game over. It’s that simple.

  9. This is getting disgusting.
    Damn it’s getting harder and harder to support local police.
    They are on very very thin ice.
    And if they don’t start walking gently with the general population there entire civilized world will come crashing down and they will be the ones that ushered in absolute HELL on earth.
    The cops using this Government man made bio weapon to bully the general public should be ashamed of themselves.

  10. We see you as the only REAL MAN in this situation, Alex. You need to be on Blaze and The Daily Wire. Walmart won't talk to you because they know you're going to suetheballs off of them. Tamara PLEASE keep us updated.

  11. I have never supported Walmart for almost a year now and will never again after I watched all the disrespectful things they have done to people for the past year,, They might think its alright now but soon their kingdom is gonna come crashing down around them as the world is finally catching on to all the political propaganda and whatvtheir real plans are for us all…

  12. the stupidity is exceptional the idiots supposedly enforcing the rules fail miserably to even read them!

    and in this case he has a clear cut lawsuit against that walmart and the so called manager and security staff

  13. I once watched a lecture by Professor Jordan B. Peterson where he was discussing the horrifying behaviour of the Nazis in concentration camps and how people look back and wonder how these guards could have behaved like this towards other human beings…..he then went on to explain to his students that the guard was still there in every one of them. The human condition is very vulnerable to suggestion and indoctrinatiion especially when you can attribute your behaviour to someone else and that somehow negates your responsibility no matter how inhuman your behaviour is. The more humans i meet the more my love for animals intensifies.

  14. My heart has officially sunk. I hope the government sees this 🙁 – Many prayers and blessings.
    —– "Human Rights Tribunal" & "Civil Court" This man need to set an example to remember. Why isn't every news channel covering this?

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