48 thoughts on “Senator Cruz Questions Google Exec Over Project Veritas Insider Google Leaks”
  1. That Damn Google executive LIED 🤥!
    GOOGLE IS FAR LEFT LIBERAL PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATS, does ANYONE in this country actually think Google should be the know all judge about what’s FAIR???? I SAY HELL NO!!!!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  2. O m g. Cruz’ WIFE is in bed with big pharma which is EXACTLY the reason I opposed the HPV vaccine he (Cruz) attempted to mandate in Texas a decade ago. What a frog he is.

  3. Google has a sign in their lobby that says "Dont be Evil" Antifa names themselves "Antifascist" and Blizzard has a statue that says "Every voice Matters" Im starting to see a pattern here.

  4. "So foreign interference doesn't happen again like in 2016" Hmmm…2.5 yrs of federal investigation has shown otherwise yet Google STILL plans to INTERFERE with Our Election Domestically anyway….. Who's the real enemy here??

  5. The rich don't care about any person, group or thing that doesnt directly benefit their never ending drive to consume and control. They don't collect money to survive, it's to dominate and enslave. No testimony has ever been truthful before the Senate and they know this and they will kidnap your kids if they think they are fit for use. Awaken!

  6. More theater, more hearings, more investigations…

    Less justice, less accountability, less justice….

    More evil.

    Lying to congress under oath must be cool, b/c all the CEOs and gov't employees are doing it unaccountable these days.

  7. Another employee came out. Google MUST be broken up. They plan on changing 2020 elections algorithms and then literally make America fall. This POS is LYING! All CONgress does is question but is doing NOTHING to stop them. Corruption at its finest! 🤬

  8. So let me get this straight….so this guy is saying that because project veritas didn’t tell this Jen Gennai that she was being taped she was lying and that if they had told her she would have told the truth? Well that makes absolutely no sense

  9. C: Lisa Smith “She can make her own way back.”
    (Grand Torino-Ireland)
    It strikes me that the people who are getting paid to censor Gemma may have done it prematurely. This is a good thing as it gives credibility (Not that they need it) to Project Veritas. This is without doubt, a culture war for the Hearts and Minds of the Free World.

    This war will not be won with the Army and Navy but by brave individuals like Gemma O’Doherty. Let us hope that people like her will not have to fight this Battle alone.

  10. "Senator we have over 100,000 people working in our company" that statement proves Sen. Cruz point, Google is too Big and unmanageable therefore it's needs to broken up.

  11. Questions that I wish Ted Cruz would have asked:

    Of the employees at Google who believe that PragerU, Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, et al, are Nazis, how many of these employees have been fired for these inflammatory and libellous statements?

    It's interesting, by contrast, to consider how rapidly James Damore was fired for expressing his views on Google's internal message boards. Explain to me why James Damore was so quickly fired? What did he say that was factually untrue?

    Given the recent findings of the Mueller Report, that there was no significant meddling in the 2016 presidential election by the Russian government, how can Gen Jennai's statements possibly be justified? Why is Google building systems to counteract political bias, being introduced by Russia, when said bias doesn't even exist to any appreciable degree? How can we have any confidence that such a system would not be abused to explicitly and wilfully CAUSE bias in favour of whichever candidate Google prefers?

    Why is Google Search so extraordinarily biased now towards providing top results that come exclusively from mainstream media outlets when it clearly wasn't like this a few years ago? These outlets have a marked political bias. By favouring these outlets, Google is biasing search results. How can you claim therefore that Google is not biased?

    Why are Google Search autosuggest results so influenced by the radical left-wing ideology of intersectionality? Why are autosuggest results either missing entirely, or are completely nonsensical, for searches involving protected categories of people? How does this not constitute an extreme form of political bias?

  12. Wonder if Google was named after Goebbels, Joseph Goebbels was the Reich Minister of Propaganda. The propaganda ministry was organised into seven departments: administration and legal; mass rallies, public health, youth, and race; radio; national and foreign press; films and film censorship; art, music, and theatre; and protection against counter-propaganda, both foreign and domestic. If you call your opponent Nazis, your opponent can't call you Nazis. This is why the Left wields it with such ferocity.

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