20 thoughts on “Should I Buy Silver or Gold? Playing the Gold/Silver Ratio – Mike Maloney & Ronnie Stoeferle”
  1. Or with the ratio is out of whack, then gold is overpriced. Not saying it won't go up over the long term, but I am not confident with the short term. I have silver, gold and related stocks. I have made a good return and there is nothing wrong taking a profit. I am always wrong.

  2. This is wonderful strategy, to focus and understand the gold/silver ratio. I also agree that silver is WAY underpriced right now. This is exactly why I'm currently buying silver bullion at the moment. Hopefully the ratio has a correction where I can then sell silver to obtain my first gold.

  3. I absolutely respect you Mike. I just think that its important for us not to create an insular bubble and not look outside our stacker bubble and look at other means of wealth investment and wealth growth.
    My best wishes to all silver stackers.

  4. i recently found out the silver to gold ratio and i saw silver was EXTREMLY undervalued so I got some and I will be just playing switch back and forth and increase the portfolio

  5. A friend went into a bank in Lubbock and wanted to take out $30,000 in cash from his savings account. Bank said you can't take any out today because we don't have any cash. He went back the next day and could only take out $3,000 and was told he could only do it once a week, WTF is going on?

  6. I tried to become your customer, but you refuse to take my money and your employee sent me some awkward template as an excuse. You are definitely not ready to accept international customers.

  7. Silver is like that kid in school who was the most brilliant & made it to the Dean list. Top of the class, most celebrated & admired even in Business School. Hoping to land a job in a Hedge fund but ended up at the checkout counter in ASDA (the UK Walmart), even after 14 years of graduation. Shame on Silver, so much potential but no action even after 14 years. 2006 it was $10, today (28 Feb 20) $16.50.

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