April 20, 2021


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Should I Marry Someone I Don't Love? | The School of Adam Saleh

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34 thoughts on “Should I Marry Someone I Don't Love? | The School of Adam Saleh

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  2. In the end, it's all about good looks. The girl's side wants a tall and handsome looking man. The boy's side wants a girl with flawless skin, fair skin, etc.

    Actually it's not the heart that matters, it's the looks that matter.

  3. I can see their point of view, but I think this very much depends on what one wants out of marriage. If you're looking it in old-fahioned terms as not much more than a contractual arrangement, these kind of marriages can work out well. I think nowadays, in western nations, that is not the type of marriage people want anymore. The divorce rate wouldn't be so high if people were happy with logical arrangements. Because once the marriage turns into a mostly contractual arrangement, people here get divorced. There are also a lot of arranged marriages that do not turn out happy. But they couple will not divorce due to cultural shame. I think a healthy mix of both would be a great thing.

  4. Adam you are a clown! You shouldn't even be worried about marriage . You should be worried about trying to get nearer to allaah. Work on self. I see all you do on videos, etc. And all of it is so far away from Islam. Its so sad that these clowns are the future of islam.

  5. Arrange marriage is a recipe for disaster. Imagine if this guy was gay, do you think his parents were able to find right gay guy for him. In fact, I hate the institution of marriage, we should prefer a common-law partnership.

  6. The arranged marriage is nice and it’s about trusting your parent’s,but arranged marriage is more for old people who passed 40 years and above ,I think Adam you should marry someone you meet her as Slim did so you would understand each other ,and as the. (Sheikh told Slim :forget the her past )

  7. Dont get married. Its a trap. She will take your kids from you, run of with a richer man, take your shit, force you to pay alimony and child support to kids you never even get to see.

  8. Orang yg kita cintai..jika bukan ttg hubungan keluarga..juga adalah orang lain…mulanya juga tidak kepikiran..untuk mencintainya..ya jika hanya ingin pakai rasa..ya silahkan..tapi jika masa depan ingin diperhitungkan..ya harus dilibatkan akal budi..rasa banyak yg hilang sejalan dgn waktu dan realita..oh ternyata dia bla bla..karena sedang hangat hangatnya..ga apalah..biarin..nyatanya..bubar semua..itu pelajaran yg sy dapatkan dari melihat contoh contoh

  9. Actually , the looks matter in Islam , physical attraction is important , islam doesn't say your partner should look perfect , but beauty is subjective and attraction , that you feel towards that person , is important too .

  10. I want my best friend as my life partner…..with whom I can build my beautiful gardens, home and dreams in real life.

    Arrange marriage was my parents idea and my mom would forcefully give my marriage after her recovery. But before she died she set me free because she realized if she is gone for real I won't have anyone to protect me if the man who married me through arrange through parents changed his behaviour and made my life hell.


  11. Salam brother Adam I am not your follower but I know a lot of our young Muslim sons and some brothers watching you. Please behave like a man brother and avoid things are not Muslim like activities. Keep your sins between you and Allah. May Allah guide us all thank you my brother.

  12. I think marriages based on practicality/ arranged marriages can potentially be good idea – assuming the two partners have equal power in the relationship.

    However I always find it annoying when you boast the « successfulness » of arranged marriages throughout the ages.

    These marriages for hundreds of years have been firmly based in patriarchy – the women didn’t have much of a say through the marriage and if they left the marriage they would have been destitute. The men often had many mistresses so that’s why they were happy; however if the women was discovered having an affair that would be a big problem for her. This model of marriage that was so « successful » represents a big power imbalance.

    Of course these marriages of power imbalance still exist today, and I don’t agree with them.

  13. You marry whoever you want ,,, iam sorry just my perception… Even if you love or sex or hate it remains only till your death.. So who cares what we do with our lives.. Life itself is all about using each other…. Its all about persons preference which makes them go behind sex love or money whatever shits….. Whatsoever everyone on this planet is different in there own way..for me love is nothing but an actual wastage of time.. Useless business… My life is devoted to money making which gives me eternal satisfaction.. We all have that some thing which we want to do in life… So search that and go behind it… That's it.. Enjoy all…

  14. I think people should marry someone who they love, but because of different life ways, people have to do it, because it would be the right way to do it. I have friends who had arranged marriages, some are happy and some are not. but i guess in time maybe u can learn to love the other person idk….but i won't say more because i don't want to offend anyone, but we all have our own ways of life, and i'd be happy to see Adam get married one day, much respect to Adam and his family <3

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