September 25, 2021


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25 thoughts on ““Show Us The Evidence Boris” ?‍♂️ Schools Boss Makes Good Point!

  1. There is no evidence! He hasn’t based a single decision on evidence. In fact we have 40 years worth of scientific research showing clearly that face masks don’t stop viruses (in fact my wife’s NHS face masks come in a packet that says that on the packet!) The WHO did a meta analysis of all the 22 international studies on lockdowns and concluded that not only do they not prevent covid deaths, they cause far more deaths overall. There is simply no evidence for any of it!

  2. Try reading agenda 21 its a real un plan it says end all medium and small businesses shops cash will go mps have no power all payed to push the plan globalist s have a hold please read it .all leaders sighed up to it at Brazilian summit think it was 1994

  3. What the schools should be asking is where is the proof that the virus has actually been isolated and purified?? In fact all business and all the hospitality sector should actually demand actual proof that this virus has been isolated and purified!! Because no matter how many searches you do on the government website.. It doesn't state or confirm that it's been isolated or purified!!

  4. Boris HAS no evidence ! The evidence clearly shows Boris and co are liars and Traitors to this country WE the people don’t want any part of the great reset! WE never voted for you to turn into a dictator and RUIN our country! The evidence Boris clearly shows you have killed people by locking us down for a virus that has a 99.6 survival rate !

  5. The entire pandemic is a scam. Look at the numbers. They don't coincide… look deeper. This is all a part of "the great reset." Destroy the economy so a new, socialist, economy can be installed. You can't install a new economy until the existing one is destroyed. Boris is looking you in the face and LYING to you. Why are we seeing empty NHS A&E wards in videos? If the scamdemic was real, these wards would be full. Wake up!

  6. Give Boris at, at least some support. He got in to deal with Brexit, but has had an unknown world wide pandemic to deal with. Not easy, not a job I’d want either. Please give the poor sod a bit of encouragement. My thoughts only. We are all allowed to think. X

  7. Was in hospital a day ago took 30 minutes for an ambulance to get me when I got to hospital there was a line of Ambulances just parked there , went in the hospital the cubicles had all there curtains pulled but only 2 people in them the rest where empty , staff standing round doing nothing and in A&E 6 people also staff walking about doing nothing . They are lying hospital are not packed for some reason the government want us all to stay at home they have so sort of plan for us and it’s not a good one . Be careful and watch your back

  8. It's time for the generals and the army to step in and protect us from these dictators, incompetence is now generic within the elected government, they are deliberately destroying the very fabric of society.GOD SAVE US.

  9. Boris's buffoons have been failing for the last 10 MONTHS,
    They are running out excuses, repetitive measures once again, they haven't a clue as to how it's escalating, groundhog day .MUPPETS.

  10. Show us evidence of covid killing people the would not have not died any way boris I can show you evidence of people that killed them self's because of all the lockdowns boris the blood is on your hands

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