October 17, 2021


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Silver & Gold as Portfolio Core…But What Else? Mike Maloney and Chris Martenson (Part 2 of 3)

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39 thoughts on “Silver & Gold as Portfolio Core…But What Else? Mike Maloney and Chris Martenson (Part 2 of 3)

  1. Boy, this artificial bear market in metals has aged Mike by 20 years. Much worse that smoking and obesity on health is a margin call. I still believe Mike's right, but nobody knows the timing.

  2. Having invested in real estate for 25 years, I am getting more bearish on it. Once interest rates start going up, value drops, like gold. However, with the demographics changing,..population growth is slowing, the demand for land isn't going to be what it once was. Saddled with student loans, millennials won't be major players for a while

  3. I dont see all this security in precious metals, because if you do not have "possession" of them, you risk losing them and if you have "possession" you risk being stolen.

    I believe much more in crypto.

  4. I congratulate these two good guys. REAL educators with brilliant analyses. As I read all the comments below I cannot help but wonder where some folks are. Crazy posts as well as some well-said ones. But who am I to judge? So please allow me to offer some names of writers/thinkers/bloggers, etc., who are following all these issues in depth.

    Of course, Mike and Chris, and all their guests. Also add Jim Rickards, Nomi Prins, John Maudlin, David Stockman, MAX KEISER, and especially PETR SCHIFT for an economic education. Many videos and blogs of these folks can add up to a GRADUATE course in Economics/Financial Education.

    Since HEATING is a big concern why not move to where you do not need heating nor air conditioning, thus saving mucho dinero. Yes, solar is great but expensive! And your choice of living space should have LOW taxes on your property. And can you grow FOOD all-year round=crucial.

    Not to forget The Creature from Jekyll Island, by Griffin, the history of the founding of the Federal Reserve, and how JPMorgan funded World Wars 1 and 2, etc. A real mind blower!

    Of course, SILVER EAGLE Monster boxes for daily coin use, as it's hard to buy bread with an oz of gold!

    Episode FOUR of Hidden Secrets is THE BIG ONE!!! As well as the CRASH COURSE of Martenson. Once again Mike and Chris: May you both live long enough to see all these fantastic issues coming to their end! Cannot thank you enough for being who you are: spiritual beings having a material manifestation.

  5. I am looking for an investment, but I feel it may be a little late for gold. If I were to switch from the dollar to something else. Wouldn't it be better to choose a currency that is gaining value? If there is such a thing. Like bitcoin or hashgraph maybe?

  6. Mike, if you are looking to buy land in the center of the island, checkout the municipality of Orocovis, Puerto Rico. That's the hearth of Puerto Rico with the most beautiful scenic views of the island. The quality of the air is greatl, the area is very relaxing and prices are good.

    I'll definitely buy in Orocovis or Cabo Rojo before or after the wealth transfer. Hope we become neighbors one day ?

  7. Chris is smiling in the interview with so much confidence it makes me cringe. Investing in land is probably the most foolish thing you can do right now. You have an unexpected upheaval coming up, and desperate people resort to doing desperate things. Unless you have an army, who is going to protect you and your acres of timberland? The government which mandated that the property belongs to you? Ha! who says there will be a government? What if the land will be declared part of a distributed resource-based economy due to the emergency?

    I think it is wise to invest in something small that you can carry, or even memorize; gold & crypto.

  8. 4:41 Swap 1 oz gold for 1 acre of land… Chris do NOT do it. My grandfather told me that during the Great Depression people traded their 40 acre homestead with a house for 1 $20 gold coin just so they could move to Chicago for work. Thousands of people did this in southern Arkansas

  9. Quote from Nostradamus:
    C8 Q28:
    The copies of gold and silver inflated … (copies = Certificates)

    which after the theft were thrown into the lake,

    at the discovery that all is exhausted and dissipated … (= more Certificates than Metal)

    all scrips and bonds will be wiped out … (scrips = Stocks / Substitutes for Legal Tender)

  10. Look at the Debt clock. There is the number of paper dollars printed per ounce of gold and the number of paper dollars printed per ounce of silver almost 6,978 for gold and 845 per ounce of silver.

  11. The constitutional unit of account of the United States, the "dollar[ ]," mentioned twice in the U.S. Constitution was, and is, a silver coin containing at mintage 371.25 grains of pure silver. That fact pretty much makes every public officeholder who takes an oath to support the U.S. Constitution, a big fat LIAR! … The U.S. government and the states are all using the fiat [i.e., pretend] Federal Reserve Note so-called "dollar" as the unit of account of the United States. One true, constitutional "dollar[ ]," or $1.00 (77.34375% of a troy ounce of pure silver) now equals about 13 and a half of the fake "dollars," or FRN 13.50, with one ounce of silver at about FRN 17.50 per ounce. … It is time to put people in public office who will get serious about PHASING OUT THE FED!

  12. You are not finding productive farm ground any place I know of for the price of an ounce of gold. I started buying good farm ground in 1972 for $200 per acre in eastern Kansas. That same farm ground is bringing 4800 per acre. And the tariffs have soybeans down 40% or more since Trump took office. Thats not a bubble?

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