October 17, 2021


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SILVER: What You Need To Know About Investing & Inflation Right Now

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35 thoughts on “SILVER: What You Need To Know About Investing & Inflation Right Now

  1. Hey mike I have been following you for the past ten years and I know you are right but what is the use if we don’t address the injection murder that we face lol Australia

  2. Copper came back down some from its peak because China dumped a bunch on the market at the beginning of this month. Like gold/silver, copper is a long term play and will do exceedingly well through the rest of the decade.

  3. Stick gold and silver Mike….Cuba and Venezuela would flourish without sanctions. To single out those two countries makes you out like an ignorant fool or Republican…one in same for some.
    Frasier institute is by no means moderate…they are definitely conservative.
    You tout the US being the richest or most prosperous country but in fact it's the most indebted country.
    Tell us Mike…how many times would the US have gone bankrupt if they did not own nuclear weapons or world reserve currency???

  4. Actually you can short phisical silver. Or really anything. Just borrow it from someone for small fee and promise to give it back . Then sell it. When time comes, buy the same item ( hopefully lower) and fullfill the contract.

  5. Tonight the whole of Greece is flooding the streets in protest for the fascist government measures to vaccinate large parts of population by threatening them with job losses and cutting off the unvaccinated from the rest of the citizens. Keep an eye out because most probably this will not be covered by media.

  6. Confessions of an Economic Hitman by John Perkins. He was on the 4 Horseman movie, which was really great. Just search on youtube for the 4 Horseman & it should come up. Thanks Mike & Adam for another good one. Adam you did excellent for a rookie:) I am going to use your line…………I found myself on third base & thought I hit a triple:) Out.

  7. If you start to think that inflation is transitory, then where does all that money printing from the FED is going? If they start raising rates soon, then yes, it's transitory. However, I don't see that happening soon. And all that cash will go somewhere, which will eventually spillover to other markets.

  8. This period smells a lot like the Dot Com bomb or tech wreck of 2001. Also, US treasuries are not taking “political” risk into account, because that asset class has never had to. Hence, they’re vastly overpriced when factoring in political risk.
    You may be asking “what do you mean by that?” Political risks stem from manipulated or stolen elections, and end up with a loss of confidence in the currency that underlies the issuance of that govt.’s bonds. All will see soon enough.

  9. hey Mike, I know you re looking to hire people to work at Puerto Rico, you re not interessed to hire me ? i could learn spanish ( i speak Portuguese ) and improve my english. thanks for a answer, i ll be glad to receive it.

  10. We don't MAYBE have an oligarchy, we have one. Lobbying is legalized bribery, Congress gets "lobbied" by Big Tech Monopolies to keep them unaccountable.

  11. I just wanted to say because of Mike Maloney and Jeff Clark I have learned so much about gold and silver you guys are doing a wonderful job I've been following you for years! However I have to disagree with your meme about Cuba. Cuba just like many nations across this Earth unfortunately are victims of the wicked foreign policy of America and they're using the American dollar as a weapon to destroy their economies when America does not like their regimes. The CIA and the government of America has done some very wicked things to many of these smaller Nations and forced them to create a governmental system to protect their citizens from embargoes and sanctions that America puts on them!

  12. Jeff is a nice guy but I stopped watching after this format began Jeff just lacks excitement and the fhe charisma even while talking about silver…. A bit more spontaneity and just letting it out would transform Jeff as a presenter.

  13. Oh-oh … I'm one of the 'options guys' … ? I wanted to learn about this topic twenty years ago, but never found the time to do so – now I find the time. I'm glad that I can help to end this financial system. ? Thank me later!

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