September 25, 2021


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Silver's Coming Reversal will Be Shocking – Mike Maloney & Jeff Clark

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38 thoughts on “Silver's Coming Reversal will Be Shocking – Mike Maloney & Jeff Clark

  1. Always amusing to see gold sellers shilling gold, silver sellers shilling silver and people heavy into crypto shilling srypto. Moral: Don't listen to anyone. They are all just trying to sell you something.

  2. Same old rhetoric. The WHEN is what is important. Let me know when you have a high conviction, short-term, optionable action to take. Otherwise, this is all talk.

  3. Since you cannot go to the moon, silver will not go there either. This channel seems to miss out on explaining enough who creates so called money and what for and what it really means for humanity. When the fat lady sings it is to late to buy a cigar for your cash but silver will do that at least. Live your life now! Do not wait for anything! Life is now and there are no reruns for sure. Do not expect gaining anything by investing in silver. It is only insurance. But in the end people you know and trust and live together with is the very gold you seek and already have. Everything finds it´s balance like water. Be good. Trust in the creator.

  4. The futures market has total control of the price of silver with naked shorting and a lack of physical delivery.
    Silver prices will increase significantly when there is a greater demand for silver industrially. That will happen but not now. Wait two to five years as the uses of silver increase especially in energy.
    So, the bullion banks and manufacturers will continue to keep the price of silver capped by selling rehypothecated silver.

    The mining companies continue to give their silver away at very low prices.

    Silver may increase a bit this year but that is it.

    All of this talk about the price of silver skyrocketing is just wishful thinking. I own silver and gold.

    Peter de Luca: Economist

  5. If I had a dime for every economic hype video (gold, silver, bitcoin, ETH, AMC, GME, etc….) I wouldn't need to invest in any of it. Though I invest in all of it….LOL! But everyone thinks something is going to fly through the roof

  6. You guys find so many different ways to postulate the wrong perspective over all the many years I’ve been following…..

    you’re all like the Psyop Q-17 of PMs

  7. Of course gold will skyrocket, not too far from now but silver not so sure.
    China, Russia, USA, England government are all buying and stacking on gold and even Venezuela asked back their gold from the UK but they don't want to give it back so that should be a hint that gold will certainly go way up soon

  8. Recently bought 3 separate gold 1oz bullion coins, buffalo, eagle and maple leaf..and with this down turn, I'm taking a bath and I'll bet spots continue to fall.

  9. Watching the price action of both p.m.'s the last couple of days, they're laughing at us while covering their shorts as usual. Once again the little guy is getting fleeced by these professionals crooks. Buy and take delivery and shut off your computer screen, you'll feel much better i guarantee it.

  10. How many times in the last 3 decades have we heard silver is undervalued? Forget about it, silver is never going to trade freely , it will hit triple digits when a beer costs 20 bucks

  11. Thinking about selling my gold to buy Ethereum and Platinum if it goes back under $1000. Silver I might keep a while but I am skeptical. Will Silver be at $20 again before the end of the summer?

  12. It seems with these ridiculous premiums that at least some one is coming out ahead and it's not the stackers. Nice reversal this morning down $2 in two days, but I bet those premiums haven't changed.

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