July 26, 2021


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Simple Crypto Currency Tips – Jason Christoff

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Never invest any amount you can’t sit on for 1-3 years. If there’s ever a major crash, it takes 1-3 years for the crypto market to come back and rise to all time highs. If you can’t wait that period out, in a worse case scenario, don’t invest in crypto. Some experts say bitcoin could fall all the way back into the mid 20 thousands US but you just don’t know. Some also say it could very well rocket up to 100,000 US in the next 4 months. Can you wait out a major crash for 1-3 years, in a worse case scenario called “a crypto winter”? If not, stay away from crypto currency investing.

You need to have a balanced portfolio of crypto along with other assets that can maintain wealth during economic hard times. Crypto alone won’t cut it for investments. You need to blend your investments in crypto with hard gold and silver and choice mining stocks. You need experts on your team. Investing is a team sport. I suggest getting the full subscription at The Dollar Vigilante (the full package that includes The Dollar Vigilante and The Crypto Vigilante) and I also suggest listening to Max Wright on YouTube.

In general, when stocks and crypto go down, gold/silver and mining stocks go up. (usually) You need to carry all these asset classes to buffer yourself against what the elite have planned for most of the population. This current situation has nothing to do with disease, the vaccines aren’t vaccines, (they’re tracking devices, which will connect you to a cloud based control system plus sterilization applications) the tests for COVID don’t test for COVID, the governments and media are lying bold face to the public and each country is dominated by secret society freemasons who take oaths to destroy the common person, in exchange for wealth and riches in this world. The countries are fake, the flags are fake, the TV actors know what’s happening, the movie actors know as well, the politicians know, the media moguls know…..they’re all in on it. The only people who don’t know are the brain washed masses watching the TV and getting psychologically manipulated to enslave and poison themselves. The TV is a proven military device, documented to control the behavior of anyone who looks at for over 90 seconds.

No asset produces wealth forever. Ford Motor Company was once a great asset stock to hold 50 years ago. Now it’s not. Crypto won’t keep travelling to the moon forever. You need to set your personal “sell levels” on the way up and take your cash out when you feel comfortable to do so. Many people take a tiered approach of selling certain percentages of their portfolio at certain levels, on the way up. Simple stuff. Sell on the way up. Not on the way down. Buy on the way down. Not on the way up. Keep it simple. Some of my friends have established 3-4 levels of selling (at higher and higher prices) with the last level being a “ride or die” level…….where they just leave 15-20% inside the market and hope bitcoin (and the market in general) gets to $1 million dollars and keeps going. Don’t get personally attached to your coin brands. You’ll have to let them go eventually.

Getting cash off an exchange will cost you a couple percentage points when you turn your crypto back into cash and move it back into your bank account. Trading has some minor fees, so keep that in mind with your calculations. Holding different coins across multiple exchanges, may make it harder (in a crash) to get your bitcoin back and change it into cash quickly. Keep that in mind as well.

There are some centralized crypto exchanges that sell and buy for you, so you don’t have to always be looking at your phone as to when you should sell or when you should buy. On these same sites, you can do leveraged trading of crypto as well, which is something only a few investors get into. In the end, things like stop loses (arranging the exact price you want to sell at, just in case the markets starts to drop rapidly without your awareness….and letting a computer system take care of that for you automatically) is extremely valuable at times. Once such site is Bybit.

I’m a systems and pattern person. I know most systems on this planet are meant to drain the average human of their energy and funnel it to corrupt forces at the top of the ruling pyramid. I believe crypto is no different but it is a system that is harder to control for the elite. Crypto markets can be manipulated in value but not entirely controlled, in the same way that the medical system or science systems are completely controlled to destroy humans across the planet. In the end, set your sell levels and stick to them. No system is perfect or outside the influence of the corrupt ruling groups. The best solution of course is to highlight these corrupt ruling groups and get rid of them as quickly as possible. Freedom isn’t free.

It would be great for you to start using your crypto wallets to exchange money with friends, family etc. The more people start using crypto currencies, the more valuable they become.

Make sure you triplicate all your codes and keys for each account, coins etc that you have. Keep all the codes/keys in three different locations, incase your house burns down, disaster strikes etc. There’s no help line in crypto in many situations. Your money and crypto are all on you. This process forces many people to grow up and get organized in a hurry, which the world needs much more of. Make sure to store all coins after purchase on hard wallets or soft wallets, to keep them off centralized exchanges.

In the future, having privacy coins like Monero and Pirate Chain will be the same thing as carrying cash today. Today people use cash to make sure transactions are outside the prying eyes of the corrupt government, which doesn’t even need our taxes to run each country. Everything taught to us about taxes, what taxes are for and what government really is..…..was a lie. Regardless, privacy coins will come more into play eventually and will be most likely made illegal by corrupt government but just like many things “made illegal” by the power that shouldn’t be, people will still find a way to side step government tyranny with privacy coins. As for Monero you can get on Binance.com. Pirate Chain and Monero you can get both of those on Tradeogre.com. Never leave your purchased coins on centralized exchanges. Move them to hard or soft wallets.

I will add to this overtime and send it out every once in a while to keep people knowing the basics.

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