February 25, 2021


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Single Biggest Thing in Crypto (Ethereum 2.0 Best Case)

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50 thoughts on “Single Biggest Thing in Crypto (Ethereum 2.0 Best Case)

  1. If there is an economic collapse, the price of your cryptos will be the very least of your worries, especially if you have no ammunition and no stored food.

  2. I watched a podcast by stansberry research, in it the guest James Rickards mentioned that usually when the market drops investors get margin call. Some get their position liquidated while some sell their other assets (majorly gold in 2008) to add more money to their leveraged positions. If Biden wins and markets collapses I don't see Bitcoin going up of off a sudden as the same scenario might repeat. Interestingly there will be institutions who are cash rich (Grayscale, Microstrategy, and who knows maybe Berkshire Hathaway) which will try to consume those panic sells so it might go down but might also recover pretty quickly. That's my 2 cents

  3. Im a Cardano holder and believer but I dont want ETH to fail. I think both and other platforms succeeding is good for everyone and growth of the ecosystem. Stay bless yall.

  4. I know it might not be palatable for Americans but the collapse of the dollar will be good for us in developing markets and probably help reset the world economy. The USD gives the US an unfair advantage in trade and the global economy. The world is ready (or should I say China) for a new Bretton Woods Conference. The Collapse could usher in a new era for Gold and Cryptos.

  5. ETH is a gorrilla in da mannilla…. BTC will one day be so rare that people will want it for the pure nostalgic aspect alone..but yea anything can happen in crypto that's for dayuuum sure.

  6. Scary reality….. How could we enjoy the crypto when almost everyone else would be suffering… Crypto's not main stream enough in the USA.. People would lose everything; total economic collapse

  7. I think saying, the economy would completely collapse if biden becomes president (with a "BLUE WAVE") is ridiculous. Hows that for an answer? I dont think the economy would collapse either way, if biden won or if trump won. Because either on will continue to print money (and by the way we arent talking about the "real economy" just the stock market… because the REAL economy is in a recession) What I do believe is that the dollar is going to go down no matter what! JP morgan seems to agree with me… at least on that.

    Its a little disappointing when you phrase your questions like that. "Biden winning means doom for the economy… so let me know down in the comments whether you want the economy to collapse or not" LOL!! like WHAT?! how ridiculous is that? Why wouldnt you phrase it differently? like "let me know if you think a trump or biden win would be better for bitcoin… OR if you dont think it matters cause we are all moon boys?!"

  8. Nope – looking for the tokens to earn some coin is as far as gambling as I can do – even if the projects are somewhat researched, it's still a gamble when you don't have the coin and need to make some money… Thanks for the clip

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