April 11, 2021


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Sir Iain Duncan Smith: We need clarity on how we wind down from lockdown | 01-Feb-21

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Sir Iain Duncan Smith has called for the Government to show “clarity” and “give the public something to look forward to” by easing lockdown restrictions.


34 thoughts on “Sir Iain Duncan Smith: We need clarity on how we wind down from lockdown | 01-Feb-21

  1. As things stand it's getting more and more difficult to understand what the point of carrying on is, if the only vision of the future that the Government and large swathes of the population have is of living in a country where we can't do anything, can't see anyone or go anywhere and have nothing to look forward to except living in a police state "to keep us safe". What the hell for??

  2. Even the inventor of the PCR test Kary Mullin back in 1983 said very clearly that the PCR test was NOT suitable to test for diseases! It seems that governments are now using PCR testing as a major tool to justify their lockdowns. How stupid can you be? What's going on? PLEASE do yourself a favour and watch….Dr Sam Bailey interviews Dr Claus Kohnlein – Pandemic….it's quite long but hang in there….thank me later

  3. Imagine Johnson , handcock , Blair serving in the army or navy ? Even the most protected un meritocratic position , it would be a disaster . This guy is old , old school . The socialists will continue to run riot in globalist hierarchy .

  4. Nope this is just gatekeeping…..Julia has lost the plot…..aka put back in her box! The vaccine is useless…..it's killing off the OAP's in care homes FFS! Time to get out and demonstrate with a shout….bollocks to the Scamdemic!!!

  5. A fine British gent, is our IDS. You know it’s funny, I wonder how many Tory haters don’t realise what an important role Tory backbenchers have in defending their liberty through pressure on the govt.

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