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30 thoughts on “Slim Waist Workout, Best Barre Exercises for Abs, Obliques & Butt, No Equipment, At Home, Flat Tummy”
  1. Whoever is reading this YOU CAN DO THIS. If you are trying this workout and IT seems difficult keep going, keep working at it! You are beautiful and I hope you have a great rest day of your day❤️(I make videos too and I hope that this made someone smile today)

  2. You guys have over 4 million subscribers and barley get any views. Who ever is running this channel seriously needs to to consider letting someone els take over the channel to bring more energy to the show.

  3. Great for the glutes but didn't really feel it in my abs. Also the edits were kinda annoying, barely time to get to the next position before she has already finished the count!

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