May 12, 2021


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Space Doctor Analyses Medicine In THE EXPANSE

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33 thoughts on “Space Doctor Analyses Medicine In THE EXPANSE

  1. Oye! With the hype for season 4 building I thought there might be some new viewers so just a brief note to say yes I know most humans in The Expanse would've experienced some gravity, so this was more a hypothetical worst-case scenario to see what might happen. Plus there is slightly more research on 'weightless' microgravity than 0.3g. I wrote a little more here in this thread from Daniel Abraham if you're interested

  2. This is why my eyes roll when I hear Elon Musk wants to put a million people on Mars by 2030. A million civillians – men, women, children – going a hundred at a time, spending 8 months in space, and all the health problems that entails. Even the best astronauts just in LEO suffer from the effects, and this moron wants to put a million civillians through an experience that would be far, far worse.

  3. Fascinating and… hilarious at times. This channel is definitely my favorite medical channel next to chubbyemu. Pity I've discovered your channel so late. I've been fascinated by human body and its complexity (especially the brain) since I remember, but unfortunately missed my chance to study medicine and went I.T. route 😂 That being said, I love to watch medicial stuff and google the shit out of every word you (and other medical channels) say to understand it better. By the way, wouldn't rotating spacestations solve the gravity problem? I know that with centrifugal force there is still Coriolis force, but I have no idea how it would impact the human body and I don't know if there ever have been any research about it. Would be great to hear your thoughts on this!

  4. I spent the whole vid on trying to see what your Star Trek shirt said, But seriously, the mechanics of zeroG copulation and the Newtonian laws pertaining need exploring as well.

  5. Its so annoying we have to wait some unknown amount of time, until enough people retire, before we find out who had sex in space first. If you think no one has yet, that no 2 astronauts have taken their shot to get a historic first, that will be remembered for a very long time … I think you have a low opinion of astronauts/cosmonauts/yuháng yuán honestly.

  6. This whole space culture is just a distraction to thing that define and matter. We're just some lifestock after all, like absolutely everything on earth to any being, to any rock. Does wisdom rise at the door of death ? Tell me

  7. If you aren't already in that field of work, please consider taking up education. I am a molecular biologist schooled at two high-profile german universities and I learned a LOT in just these 10 mins of youtube. Kudos to you. Great vid!

  8. Interesting but the video was more about health than medicine in space. I actually found The Expanse medicine as completely weird at least compared to the physics.

    They seem to have a magic box on a 5 man spaceship that can pretty much cure anything and doesn't even require anyone with any real medical expertise. Why would a small spaceship for example even have medical resources that could treat cancer? You are never more than a few days from port in The Expanse. You would simply drop them off at the nearest hospital. The big American aircraft carriers have full hospitals on board but even they only really deal with emergency medicine for the same reason.

    If you can have a magic box the size of a modern PC that can treat 5 people, you can probably have one a few times bigger than can treat 100's of people. Why bother even having doctors or hospitals
    The Expanse is great but it actually makes Star Trek medicine teleporting lung replacements into people more realistic.

  9. A 5-year old on todays spacestations is a big no-no. Having them bounce of the walls and other physical fun stuff is a structural risk and would make the whole station shake.

  10. Genes aren't like blueprints. They are more like IKEA instructions, and trying to follow those in the absence of say screwdrivers will make the results funny…

  11. See, the thing is, there really aren't any actors who grew up in .3 G's to cast in these roles, so there has to be some suspension of disbelief.

  12. Artificial gravity is a thing in most Sci-Fi universes, no one actually lives or spends a significant amount of time in zero G.

    Regardless its an interesting concept worth exploring, and presents challenges to the real world of space exploration. 🙂

  13. If memory serves it's not 0g but low (1/3)g that creates the Belter physique. They also have tons of vitamin and bone density drugs just to survive. Martians have it easier because they live far enough underground that radiation isn't a problem and being under a constant 1/3g is better then none at all. And it isn't just people, plants have a problem as well. While not explained in the TV Prax got his doctorate by creating a whole new species of Soybean capable of thriving in low gravity.

  14. Would kids still have the bone deformities in their legs if they wore the mag boots they have to on more space stations in the expanse? I’m assuming the bowing is caused by the weight of the upper body on the weak leg bones. If the feet are firmly planted on the ground and 0G keeps too much stress from going on the legs, will they have relatively normal growth?? Would love to hear other’s thoughts!! Awesome video, man. I love all the amazing world building the creators behind this story did.

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