April 10, 2021


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SpaceX Ship Blows Up on Impact, But Elon Says Everything's OK?!? | Pat Gray Unleashed

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48 thoughts on “SpaceX Ship Blows Up on Impact, But Elon Says Everything's OK?!? | Pat Gray Unleashed

  1. Your mocking of your elders leaves us with question as to your motives.
    There much reason to doubt the whole space program. Keep your eyes, minds and hearts open to real Truth.

  2. Yes, everything is cool. Rocket development is complex. And engineers learn more from the failures than the successful launches. You probably barely remember the numerous Falcon 9 failures during its development. And he said the same thing then…and he was right. The Falcon 9 program is now manned space flight certified which is nasa’s “gold standard” for a launch system.

  3. That rocket was a test unit. He got all kinds of valuable data. Look at how many rockets NASA destroyed on their way to the moon. Every crashed ship has its victory. Why people have a negative look at it is beyond me. NASA went through way more blown up rockets than this.

  4. Doesn't make sense-right.
    Yet apparently the drought of "space exploration" but NASA did say they destroyed the data of that technology by accident-or something like that a couple years ago in an interview.

  5. What I don't get is, we struggle to land these rockets here on Earth with today's technology but history tells us that we landed a module on the moon a bunch of times with passengers/vehicles on computers about as powerful as a pocket calculator? I don't believe it.

  6. I ain't no rocket scientist but I reckon you need the same amount of fuel to get up there at 17,000 mph orbit speed as you need to slow down and get  back down at 0 mph landing speed cause the force of gravity is the same going and coming.
    What say you Elon?

  7. The whole point of the launch was to test the "belly flop" maneuver, anything else was a bonus. That it crashed on landing is no big deal, SpaceX has perfected Falcon 9 landing so this will be fixed easily. Don't focus on the crash like the idiots in the MSM are doing, focus on something no rocket has ever done before, glide down on it's belly to slow down. Any other rocket would have disintegrated from the stress.

  8. The McDonnell Douglas DC-X was an unmanned prototype VTVL launch vehicle that flew several successfully test flights in the 1990s. In June 1996, the vehicle set an altitude record of 3,140 meters (10,300 ft), before making a vertical landing.[4]


  10. Do you ever wonder why "One small step for…" came in clear so long ago but only in recent years has sat. tv been able to get through thick clouds?

  11. Space shuttle was a necessary step because it made NASA realize that it is an incompetent inefficient monster without ideas.

    Freeing spaceflight from the claws of government. Consider everything so far as research and now we will see how entrepreneurs deals with access to space.

    Things will go better, faster, cheaper and be more beautiful if government keep their nasty dirty fingers out of all aspects of society.

  12. "And lands upright. I don't think that's ever happened with a rocket before. I don't think anyone has ever shot one up and landed that rocket standing".
    On the Moon Niel Armstrong did it and several Apollo astronauts after him. On Earth Yankee Clipper did it decades ago but the program got cancelled. SpaceX has been doing this operationally with first stage boosters for years now, and because they can reuse the boosters they are underselling the orbital launch competitors because they can reuse the boosters instead of throwing them away with each launch. The cargo and crew delivery capsules are reusable, too. The second stage boosters of current commercial SpaceX rockets aren't reusable. What he eventually wants to do with Starship has not yet been done, bring back a ship from orbit or another planet and reenter and land as attempted here.

  13. Human body dies in space, no one is ever going to Mars, its absolutely ridiculous. No air, barely any sun or gravity,, no water, food, no protection from x-rays, radiation, Etc, etc

  14. It's called rapid prototyping. Test to failure gather data implement it into the next prototype test to failure. Rinse and repeat. Before you know it you have a vehicle with all the bugs worked out in a short period of time.

  15. They are asking the right questions but the negative connotations against 'conspiracy theory' and probably some cognitive dissonance stop them from contemplating if we went to the moon.

    Believe we did? know your facts? debate me right here. leave the epithets and snidey comments out and find out how flimsy the argument we went to the moon really is. any takers?

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