June 14, 2021


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Spain makes grand plans for Africa

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26 thoughts on “Spain makes grand plans for Africa

  1. Yet another laterday tale of why Gadaffi why terminated and Libya destroyed. If the pan-african union had come to fruition alongside the gold backed Dinar, all colonial power would have evaporated. This teriffied them at all levels.

  2. One thing I don't get with projections going into the mid 20th century about Africa's populaton and economy, is that they never seem to take into account the fact that climate change will hit Africa very hard – increased desertification, rising average temperatures, extreme weather, famine. It just seems like there are climate projections and demographic projections, and no one ever seems to put the two together.

  3. Big swing and a miss on the history of Spain (and the pronunciation of its enclaves). It most certainly was central to European history in the early modern era. Have you heard of the Netherlands and Naples? It didn't participate in WWII because it got destroyed in the lead-up by the key members of WWII. It made me doubt what you said about current affairs. I think you strayed too far from the Caspian my man!

  4. great piece, as always. you forgot to mention brazil's influence in some western african countries. in angola, for instance, brazil has had a monopoly of building infrastructure projects for the government for years. the large brazilian construction, agricultural and oil corporations have a long history of exploiting the african public contracts market and a longstanding relationship with their governments and brazilian governments as well.

  5. Good video, just one comment. You seem to make Spain sound like an unwilling or unenthusiastic member of the EU, when in fact Spain is one of the most pro-European countries in the EU. And when you speak about the EU restricting Spain’s spending capabilities and access to funding, I’m not really sure what you mean there, before Spain entered the eurozone the government could mostly only finance itself though printing money because the Peseta was very volatile, and the market had little to no confidence in Spanish public finances.

    So basically, Spain's economic problems are self made and if Spain hadn't entered the EU and Eurozone the country would be much worse off.

    P.S. Our dear leader Pedro Sánchez loves to do these grand futuristic plans, puts up a huge show and gets huge PR for a few days, but nothing ever comes of it. In Spain we call it Postureo.

  6. This is fake, we are being destroyed by socialists. We will be bankrupt in the next years and prolly in a civil war before 2030 if the EU starts to fail.
    A spaniard.

  7. So that's why Germany apologized for the genocide in Namibia and France apologized for not stopping Rwanda genocide. This makes sense now. I was like why is everyone so nice all of a sudden? They want to make Money in Africa 😁

  8. 10:40 Cardano’s ADA project wants to ensure rule of law in Africa not by coercion or force of arms but by the strength of cryptography and an openly viewable blockchain.

  9. Everyone has plans for Africa. They all seem to have the same kind of plan though, importing Africans. I mean EU wants to import 70 millions Africans, what a strange vision for Europeans in Europe.

  10. Britain should be looking into Africa as well.

    With Britain's linguistic reach, historical ties with African Commonwealth nations, and recent break from the EU, Britain is primed to compete with China and – apparently – Spain, to spread soft power and influence within the continent

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