July 26, 2021


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Spanian: The Next Chopper Read

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31 thoughts on “Spanian: The Next Chopper Read

  1. I love how Jordy doesnt really bag Spanian, he does, then defends him for it. we all know why, the same reason we wont insult him publicly either.

  2. @friendlyjordies you need to cover his school yard stabbing video i was in tears laughing at it it might be almost better than this vid

  3. Spanian, is OG (original gangster) he just needs to realise loads of us moved into legal professions. If you don't feel the need to kill, you are not on this wave length.

  4. Jordan, you’re videos are awesome. You put a smile on my face whenever I watch one of them… but also, you address some really important social and political issues.

    Keep up the good job 🌹

  5. … I…. Don't understand why this is funny … 😕 It's confusing. Is it be because I'm not an Australian as to why I just don't get it…? Not trying to be a dick, I really am just curious what I'm missing. Why is a meth abuser famous in Australia??? I usual just watch this channel because I find Australian politics interesting. Is this satire, or does he actually applaud this strange person's behavior?

  6. And you thought only major news outlets posted clickbait titles. Lol at you sucking off a petty crim. How left can you sway. Lell

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