April 22, 2021


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Spermageddon: are humans going extinct?

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45 thoughts on “Spermageddon: are humans going extinct?

  1. not surprising, we have many and varied cultural disorders – out of control drug companies and a medical model feeding people ever more poisons, terrible food, stress, inequality, climate change. I am not sure what I think of this idea of 'choices' we are driven by so many things out of our control – We are completely detached from our place in nature and it seems nature will rebalance things. This is a talk based on the empty planet book https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSAgHvETNSg&list=PLtTndlZR9jcJ-WSGWV1hWImdfey9Wm_yO&index=1&t=4236s&ab_channel=CentreforInternationalGovernanceInnovation

  2. This didn't alarm me at all. Very much the opposite. I thought we were going out starving to death while running through scorched earth from cannibals that used to be friends…. Ill take this over that anytime.

  3. I live in Mexico and the lady who's been working with me for 22 years has six kids and 16 grandkids – I don't think anything's going down here. Nor in India.

  4. They are turning the frogs Gay! Not really, but it is proven frogs turned androgenic. Chemicals Make males more female. Water is filled with estrogens from drugs and plastics, filter tab Water.

  5. Damn, I had to have an operation to make sure we didn't get any Kids. People, you really must watch the film "Idiocracy", it was made as a comedy film but increasingly seems to be a documentary.

  6. I hope this fascinating & informative interview gets forwarded to as many people as possible. Plastics & Phthalates are the bane of this planet.

  7. EMF (electro-magnetic field) blocking underwear exists, and may also be a good idea for men, especially those working with computers much of the time. In one office that I know of six of the men in the office became fathers in 2018, and all six produced baby girls. One of them became a father again this year and his wife had a baby boy. He's been wearing EMF blocking pants for all that time, as he's a computer programmer (they all are). It may also be the case, therefore, that the 'Y' chromosomed sperm are more vulnerable to EMF than the 'X', but that all sperm are somewhat vulnerable. Trouble with the EMF blocking clothing is that I can't say it's terribly loose – the pants I have seen are pretty close fitting, so that would mean they keep the testicles inappropriately close to the body and therefore a bit warmer than they ideally need to be. Perhaps EMF boxer shorts, is the way to go, with loose pyjama-like trousers over them. New fashion guys?!

  8. They probably put CRAP in food or water that makes ppl have lower fertility rates to try keep population numbers down but would it be such a bad thing having less humans
    We act like parasites and kill everything else off keep going as we are and fucking humans will be the only thing on the planet glad I won't be around to see it

  9. The future will be fine , we just need to cut the head off the rotting fish.

    Sanction and close the Tavistock nazi institute.

    Sanction and trial the Royal society of international affairs aka Chatham House aka council of foreign relations aka the UN.

    Sanction and close the UN. They are the driving force behind depopulation.

    Collapse the European Union which essentially serves the UNs agenda.

    The end.

  10. Pareto distribution suggests a small fraction of male population is doing the heavy lifting of human procreation anyway …
    The longer people keep themselves scared shitless the less likely they are going to procreate, natural selection is always at work.

  11. What happened 40 years ago? Not surprising about phthalates. I hope the scientists studying this trend in infertility will look at the sperm count of people who are not vaccinated at all, in comparison to people who have childhood vaccines. Adjuvant exposure is likely on the rise.

  12. banning all pesticides, these are poisons, only used because of making profit like Monsanto who is responsible for many deaths…organic farming will produce plenty of food for humanity…

  13. Great work as usual, thanks for a great channel and journalism at it´s best!

    Yes, we have to get away from plastics contaminating our foods and waters, and other hormone disruptning and otherwise toxic chemicals ending up in our body cells and tissues.
    There´s a problem with the subtitles though: at 13+ minutes in to the interview, the phtalates are written "sallads" which would be funny if the subject wasn´t so serious, please correct that, we dont´t want eating sallad to be associated with poor sperm counts..?

  14. Phthalates: surgical gloves, masks? Shame about the massive massive worldwide use of them , right now, to erm, keep us 'safe'. Just shows that all these so called 'safety' measures, such as Prof Shanna mentioned flame retardants, actually are doing tremendous harm. Just because we cannot get our heads around risk and 'danger' and limitation of our demands to be 'safe'. Desperation for safety and reducing harm is playing out exactly in the opposite direction. There is some sort of strange harmony at work there somehow! Don't agree with the hypothesis that it's playing into the transitioning story, why? Because it would be an increase across the board- ie across the sexes, and it isn't, it is in the girls that you're seeing this 4,000% increase in girls unhappy with their bodies.

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