Spiraling vortex of 60 sharks rips apart a dead humpback whale in mesmerizing new video

A large swarm of reef sharks in Australian waters. (Image credit: Shutterstock)

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Hypnotic drone footage shows a swarm of reef sharks ripping apart the floating remains of a dead humpback whale along the Australian coastline. During the feeding frenzy, at least 60 sharks can be seen swirling in a spiral around the blubbery carcass, but eyewitnesses say there may have been more than 100 sharks taking advantage of the whale buffet. 

Tourists John Cloke and Indy Crimmins captured video of the gruesome aquatic feast in waters off Norman’s Beach near Albany in Western Australia. After returning from a morning fishing trip, Cloke saw “this big thing bobbing in the water with birds around it” and sent his drone to investigate, according to ABC News (opens in new tab)

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