September 17, 2021


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Starmer Fails Labour

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30 thoughts on “Starmer Fails Labour

  1. Sorry you are wrong end of the road for the conservatives. The Co-vid handling has sunk the northern support we won't out and our votes back. Reform for me my family and friends.

  2. KNEEL STAMMER's reputation as the opposition leader went from "bad to worse" when he TOOK A KNEE for BLM….Boris' second term is secured in the next GE and this time with 200 seat majority…

  3. Brexit dividends please? Trade figures for February please (teething troubles now over). The wisest of people in this world are those that admit when they're wrong.

  4. I hope Starmer can stay in his position long enough to drive the hard left out of the Labour Party to give it a chance of giving the electorate a choice. But that photo of him kneeling is enough to guarantee that he will never be Prime Minister.

  5. I’m not sure I entirely agree with your views on the House of Lords . The lords appointed from industry are a great idea. I don’t think regional representation in both houses is meaningless. I think the business sector is very practical. Also, they can get rid of life appointments.

  6. Just look what they are doing to the motorist in London it’s always a labour politician who introduces more congestion charges and disastrous road congestion vote them out this may

  7. I had a certain regard for Starmer at first. He couldn’t be worse than Corbyn I thought. However , when I saw him taking the knee my immediate reaction was “ what a Wally “. I suppose it suited the Three Degrees “ Abbot, Butler and Lammy “. Labour never again.

  8. If you really are the new media the one we can trust. Please start asking questions about the government lies and manipulation on Covid side effects, testing, and health passports. The public are desperate for truth, we are not getting anything from MSM.

  9. Magyar, I believe you should mirror your show on ‘ The Hill ‘ , which is a very good production( and reporting team) that comes across as very informative and unbiased reporting, even though I do not always agree with all their analysis of daily political subjects. I also believe that constantly thanking donators( who are very generous) takes away from your reporting and subjects. We need more of your views and reporting( as well as comments from your guests) as I, and I am sure many others, have given up on the main news channels due to their obvious bias and slightly dubious reporting. I have also noticed it is getting harder to search out your reports on YouTube, which is slightly concerning, but I wish you very success and feel that you have more to offer in modern media news reporting.

  10. Labour r racist to white working class and no long represents them. They should rename their party black woke party, from where am standing were not a racist country. We were unable to stand up for our white working class boys and white working class girls without being racist anti this anti that, last I checked its still mostly a white country, so to be equal on individuality % for our sons to have opertunity in careers and our girls to be safe where they live, and no even get justice.WHERE HAVE U BEEN LABOUR HAVENT HEARD U IN 3 DECADES MINIMUM. Sorry no voice no vote, GOOD LUCK

  11. Brexitists need Starmer in place to keep Brexit going for a few more years.

    The next Labour leader after Starmer will be pro-EU and will campaign on a promise to get the UK back into the EU.

    If he's replaced before the next general election then Brexit will be reversed after that election. If not then we'll have to wait until the election after that.

  12. From Liverpool…… In the last 12 months I have emailed Maria Eagle, Labour MP 7 times, and wrote 2 letters. All about the lack of opposition to Boris and the virus lock downs. I got one reply to my first email saying they would get back to me. No further contact from her office. I will never vote Labour again.

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