September 25, 2021


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Starmer's Shadow Minister EXPOSED As Lobbyist

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30 thoughts on “Starmer's Shadow Minister EXPOSED As Lobbyist

  1. The Labour Party. What a cheek they are a pathetic excuse for an opposition party and to top it all when it comes to graft corruption and nepotism they are unrivalled. One could forgive their incompetence but how dair they point the finger at others.

  2. Astra Zeneca, not for profit, Dyson, not for profit. Both companies in trouble for doing their bit for free or at best cost price. This country has generous businesses however I fear not for long. Why should anyone bother to help in what was and maybe still is our hour of need.

  3. Labour does nothing but criticise but never actually give us an alternative plan of what they would do.
    Come on Sir Kier tell us how YOU would procure life saving equipment during a global shortage.

  4. Usa,U.K., Australian had initiatives to design ventilators. This was not guaranteed to work but why not get the likes of Dyson and musk involved? This was a war, new thinking was required just in case we needed 100 000’s!

  5. This self righteous sleaze is more sleazy than anything seen on the surface
    A shadow minister lobbyist is her full title
    What about momentum who controlled Corbyn’s Labour and were also unelected
    But to have a live minister also a lobbyist is hypocritical and shows that Starmer has no clue but to pick on small things which mainly blow up in his face

  6. Its similar to Cummins row again

    If I came pm and a school contact me to say my child been bad does that mean school after a tax break to

  7. Houses of parliament signed off "Track and Trace" fraud really needs to be exposed. How do they come up with £37 Billion project for two years that is not transparent for public scrutiny is a red flag.

  8. She was my local MP and a complete waste of time prior to losing her seat at Workington. It's nice to see failure hets rewarded with a seat in the Lords.

  9. I've Had My Voting Ballot Papers Through And Guess What There Was No Reform UK Party But Guess What I Had To Do Is To Vote For TUSC Against CUTS And One Of Two Mansfield Independents – Putting Local Residents First But The Police And Crime Commissioner Vote Is A Void.

  10. Let me ask you this Mahyar. Does Boris Johnson have your number right now? Probably not, despite the fact that you speak more common sense than many in his party.

    On the other hand, if you had James Dysons wealth, would Boris have your number? (Probably). And that surmises everything wrong here.

    Sure, they "could" just be casual friends… But let's be real.

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