May 11, 2021


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Stephen Colbert asks doctor to explain Donald Trump testing positive for coronavirus: ‘You just gotta tell it like it is’

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The TV host spoke to Dr Jon LaPook via video chat on Friday 2 October, where he asked what the US president’s situation meant for the forthcoming debate.

Trump and his First Lady both tested positive for coronavirus earlier this week. Trump has since been admitted to Walter Reed, a military hospital, for “precautionary reasons”.

Colbert commented that it was “truly troubling” to see Trump “taken off to the hospital”.

LaPook said that he had experience visiting Covid-19 wards and had witnessed patients who had appeared stable one day, before suddenly taking a turn for the worst.

“We don’t know what a low-grade fever is exactly,” LaPook said, referring to one of Trump’s symptoms.

He said that the more dangerous symptom was shortness of breath, but did not believe Trump was experiencing this.

“He is obese technically by the numbers we have,” said LaPook. He said that, while he expected Trump to recover, “one thing that’s predictable about the coronavirus is that it’s unpredictable”.

LaPook emphasised that it was essential for Trump’s team to be upfront about the condition he is in, noting that one of the first rules of public health crisis management was to “tell the truth”.

“You gotta just tell it like it is,” he said.

Colbert asked whether it was likely that Trump would be able to appear at the next presidential candidate’s debate, which is scheduled to take place in less than two weeks.

LaPook responded by saying Trump should continue to isolate for around 10 days, and that the people near him should wear protective gear.

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