38 thoughts on “Steve St Angelo: Silver Has Lowest Risk and Best Upside”
  1. Protect / Protect / Protect !
    Be patient … the market will crash, there will be mass confusion at the EXIT doors when people get out of equities.
    Precious Metals… Do It , and feel good in the months ahead !!

  2. The date this pod cast came out was almost 2 years ago people. WOW !!!! God help us all , this is not good people think martial law in the United States does that sound good ??? Think the Socialists the Communists I think that's the way the people are going to turn because nobody's prepared then bad things will happen . Again for our Country God help us !!! Pray 🙏 and pray some more for do to our leaders and the lack of seriousness in the known Churches we are in deep Shit !!!
    Without the Lord as the head of the Church all is lost and to think they kicked me and others like me literally out ? It will not bode well with them . Help us Oh Lord God please wake these sleepers up , I tried and look what happened for they thought I had a devil ??? Think again for we are the unknowns the real and true , call on Jesus Christ people and Look up ☝ God bless with favor every soul that now hears these words by Christ in me the hope and joy of the real ISRAEL and Peace be with you all that take mine advice and there is absolutely nothing wrong with stacking silver for it is money just don't worship it thats all . God bless AMERICA the real. CHEERS

  3. The Sun is our gusher, if we only realized it. It's going to 'gush' non-stop for a billion+ more years. All we need to do is sit back and collect it whilst sipping on our lattes.

  4. Just getting thruw the huge Money crash is going to be mind blowing…and I never heard one Word about This being The biggest ponzi being ran ON The American people in History…Central Banks have to COME crashing down first…witch is in the Works now as we speak… The Banks ARE ALL going to shut down for a while… Then, the Crypto's ARE going to kick in… Lite Coin, Bitcoin Cash, etc;
    And the BIG changing OF What is to be used FOR our NEW Money supply… Gold will not be used FOR making payments for anything, Silver is a very good way to build up your wealth, Plus since JP Morgan Bank has been busted, Jamie Diamond needs to go To Jail, tons of info. Out There about Everything talked about above…. Do YOUR research….
    peace out

  5. Gold will probably go higher and the Dow Jones will probably go lower and they will meet in the middle. It happened in 1980. Real estate won't crash as long as owners can make their payments. A lot of houses were bought with cash. They won't be a problem. Also with low interest rates it will be easier to make the payments.

  6. There is also the concern that the mob mentality would break down our society quicker. If there is a chance to let things crash slowly or go back onto a gold standard while things start to fall apart without alarming the masses and save as many lives as possible. Maybe. As individuals, prep and save in gold and silver and bullets, invest in your second amendment rights,NOW!

  7. The FACT IS THAT GOLD IS UNIVERSAL MONEY. Because of the AMOUNT OF DEBT AND DEFICIT, both personal and corporate here in the US and around the world; the inevitability of change cannot be denied…. The FACTS don’t lie; and 1+1=2 NOT 11! Metal MUST GO UP BECAUSE WE WILL BE RETURNING TO THE GOLD STANDARD IN THE VERY NEAR FUTURE. Otherwise we will continue to be thought of as bums and deadbeats by the rest of the world, because WE ARE TAKING OTHERS WITH US DOWN THE TOILET OF FINANCIAL RUIN…

  8. No I think old will dropped 800 bucks in the next 5 years it doesn't sound that crazy to me what sounds crazy to me is if you don't buy and keep on buying… because 10 years from now it's going to be crazy

  9. Another thing to consider is that the majority of silver mined is a result of byproduct from base metals. If there's a crash, demand for these base metals will fall off and so this is bullish for silver closing the gap with gold.

  10. New energy technologies will save the day. The 2020's will be a great decade for all types of new technology. The market will not crash because there will be a currency reset. Gold and silver will soar. It will not be gloom and doom.

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