October 17, 2021


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Steve St Angelo – The Squeeze in Natural Gas Now Will Happen in Silver

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18 thoughts on “Steve St Angelo – The Squeeze in Natural Gas Now Will Happen in Silver

  1. Vehicles could use hydrogen, the most plentiful element in the world. It would make some CO2 and H2O as a byproduct, it’s very clean. I see hydrogen fuel stations in Korea.

  2. The CCP has just liberalized electricity prices in an effort to relieve the crisis. But this will mean massive price increases for customers in the short term.

    Almost all of the water projects are delivering way less than their nameplate capacity and require enormous amounts of energy.

    And on top of all that there is an internal political war going on. Xi is fighting to remain in power next year and in the process purging officials who have other loyalties. It’s like a TV drama.

  3. This “high level of energy” … it’s mostly created for the consumerism mentality (China makes an awful lot of junk that the world doesn’t really need). Just go to Wal-Mart and take a look.

    Once we have honest money back in use, we will see industry grow where it is most useful and efficient.

    I’m ready for this fiat paradigm to end.

  4. The world's population is three times too large to support its people. Is it time for a total world war on every continent or must couples be sterilized after having one child????

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