October 17, 2021


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Stimulus Cash Would Reach to Mars & Back – In Gold We Trust (Part 3)

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36 thoughts on “Stimulus Cash Would Reach to Mars & Back – In Gold We Trust (Part 3)

  1. I will forever appreciate you Mike. You've helped my family a lot,since the pandemic till now your advices and lessons are inspirational and helpful to us.
    My husband and I have been able to be minimal, conscious in spending,saving and lnvesting wisely. We have able to earn on a weekly basis and it helps the family a lot. You're such a blessing to this generation. We all love♥️😊

  2. Gold and silver are for people who don't understand how markets work. They just sit there and yield absolutely zero. I don't know how these videos are allowed to exist to be honest. Maybe they're okay for people holding large amounts of cash who have nothing else to invest in, but that's about it. Almost every other investment is going to be better. Real estate, S&P 500, cryptos. Anything.

  3. As I have said so many times Gold and Silver will never make you rich and will never make you happy. They are definitely the deepest pain in the ass. Banks have full control on them and you know why? Because otherwise their products their services and ultimately their lives would lose any reason to exist. So do never buy gold and silver!!! Gold and silver are good only for those who sell them to the crowd, like this guy here, Mike Maloney who sells them for a living. I tell you this: I bought gold and silver in 2011 and I still see no chance to recover yet, I am still under the water. Sinking.

  4. Gold and Silver tanking again for no good reason. So frustrating. So I guess this means inflation is much worse with gold than the dollar right? I have made this comment many times on these video, but I will make it again "So gold and silver are failing when the conditions are perfect for them to soar, whats going to happen when conditions turn against them?" Big inflation is even in the mainstream media, yet no one wants anything to do with gold and silver. Gold and Silver guys, you do realize that if people don't care about gold and silver, and have no interest in investing in it, then it will never go up and possibly crash and lose its value. And this will happen no matter how much money the central banks print.

  5. I guess the amount printed from when they started printing again in 2018 to the end of 2020 being about 8.5 TRILLION just in about a 3 year period would go around the sun and back. The administration in the WH from 2017 through 2020 signed off on more debt printing than ever before seen in history by a LONG shot. That was a republican bunch I do believe…..AMAZING!

  6. That’s just the currency creation you can chart. What about the many multiples of the off book currency creation you can’t chart? The insane amounts of digital currency that have already been created should basically deem the currency worthless and we would see instant hyperinflation if it was visible. Only a matter of time before the global elite scumbags run out of schemes to distract the public

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