May 13, 2021


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Stopping the destruction of Mother Nature | The Stop Ecocide Campaign

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11 thoughts on “Stopping the destruction of Mother Nature | The Stop Ecocide Campaign

  1. Given that there is no 'universal blueprint for a safer planet' (certainly not the Green New Deal) the initial trajectory and force of environmentalism has been gradually corrupted and swallowed by dominant culture, which remains loyal to industrial civilisation and it's principle tenets – capital, mercantilism, growth and profit. 
    Regardless of the popular mantras trumped up by big environmental organisations and their chosen icons, fact remains that indefinite economic and population growth is not feasible on a finite planet. Mainstream science, economics and academia continues to perpetuate an , abjectly failing to differentiate between 'quality of life' and 'economic growth'.

  2. Jojo talks about reaching Paris goals. Does she actually belive we can stay within Paris scales? Steve Keen just had an interview with Renegade Inc, and pulls the rug completely from under the notion of mainstream temperature control/goals. That said, I applaud her work! The ecoside has to be attacked from all angles.

  3. There are governments that kill simply because they can and internationally they will never be held responsible for their cowardly actions. Most are countries which have nuclear weapons. But I will refrain from listen them up here, most know which countries they are.

  4. We need a clearer focus on the so called "digital transformation" and its impact on the environment and energy consumption. Currently, corporations and other actors of digital surveillance capitalism such as BlackRock, WEF, McKinsey and the EU are acting as if digital technology could help us fighting global warming and environmental destruction. However the consumption of energy and exploitation of ressources will create massive destructions of our world for the construction of a "digital world", despite all of the promises that we could overcome fossil fuels by that.

    Bill Gates for example is currently promoting nuclear powerplants in order to realise his digital surveillance dystopia with blockchain Identities and a cashless world under permanent surveillance by oligarchs like him. He's trying to sell this by cheaply pretending as if it's a more ecological, greener way while in fact the mining and disposal of Uranium is creating a lot of damage and there is still no way to get safely rid of the wastes.

    So a truly green and environmental friendly world must reject surveillance capitalism and its actors and we must not fall for their cheap PR and fake solutions.

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