March 5, 2021


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Streets of London – Episode 1

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36 thoughts on “Streets of London – Episode 1

  1. Dear Pablo, Two People have spoken to me, after having seen Your interview in Neal Street, You seem to be rather Popular.

    Just Google ' Eion Todd' for more links to my work.

  2. Comment to what made that man feel happiest which was becoming a father –> “(He’s) twenty now so it’s been quite a long journey, but it’s strange having someone whom you saw being born…twenty years later you’re sitting across from them in a pub having a conversation and they’re bigger than you (or their mother.)”

    Reminds me of when a friend and I agreed to meet a college acquaintance at a cafe. After we met (and I sat down at the table) probably ten minutes into our conversation I recognized the youth. He was one of my students from years back. I was his tutor when he was just eleven or twelve. He had gained some weight (and sprang up like an evergreen.)

    …Hey I googled [waterfall cardigan] …“Life is not a race" was a good answer.

  3. M Tatcher has been mentioned in a few of the videos that I just found 2 days ago. She left a terrible legacy in GB by the sound of what people says about her administration 😏

  4. This is great work, thank you Pablo. I know the area of London you're frequenting very well, I'm not surprised you're finding so many colourful and fascinating characters there. People seem to open up to you, you have the Gift!

  5. Find these videos really interesting, so much so, I’ve decided to start from episode 1. Great work. These will get more interesting the older they get.

  6. Watched the whole series and Im so inspired! Ive always wanted to ask random people in london about their lives and what they are up to. I might make it a personal project for myself ! Keep the series going also!

  7. That fashion designer has a real Anthony Hopkins – 'Hannibal Lecter' feel to him. The mannerisms, the way he articulates himself & his mouth moves etc. Anybody else pick up on that?

  8. The Scottish bloke near the start is right, people can be rude in London, although as a born and raised 'proper' Londoner, I would back myself and others like me to always remember our manners.

  9. I've only just discovered your channel in the last two days, I've watched several of this series on London Streets and this first episode is where it all started.
    I must say that you have a wonderful gift of putting people at ease, which allows them to talk quite openly about their thoughts and feelings.
    The filming, photography and sound track is all beautifully put together, yet it never takes away from the person being interviewed. You ask good questions without allowing your opinions to show or influence the response. It's a very refreshing format, I wish you every success.

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