March 3, 2021


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Streets Of London – Episode 4

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23 thoughts on “Streets Of London – Episode 4

  1. 'anarcho-capitalist' = fascist
    ps – the Nazis, were not socialists. They were nationalists in an imperialist country. They took on the 'socialist' name in order to counter the role of the Soviet Union, but they claimed it for 'the nation' as opposed to 'internationalist socialism' (USSR)

  2. The capitalist guy is definitely a sociopath….'the money in my bank account says that i've done something good for society'… REALLY? REALLY REALLY????

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  4. Hate to break it to you Anarcho-Capitalist douche but the money in your bank account is NO definitive indicator of your hard work or your 'contribution to society'.. if it were nurses would be millionaires and bankers would be paupers..

  5. The anarcho capitalist guy is my hero he is totally right. Ppl in the comment section tend to love subjects who look like homeless and say populists nonesense for 12 yo girls… but that just bc most of the ppl are stupid Its all right

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