March 2, 2021


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Struggling gym owner FINED nearly $2,000 for reopening to save his business

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21 thoughts on “Struggling gym owner FINED nearly $2,000 for reopening to save his business

  1. Theres treatment for covid-19 !!! Check out Dr Zelenko's Protocol, Dra Richard Bartlett, Dr SImone Gold, Dr Urso and so many more doctors! I have family and friends who got the virus and got treated, so theres NO NEED TO FEAR!!!

  2. Good for you Zachary! What you said about Long Term Care in Nursing Homes is absolutely true…. shameful treatment of our elders…. finally exposed, glaringly for all to see. Best wishes in your personal services venture!

  3. We need to FIGHT the gov't… revolt .. .. French Revolution comes to mind!!
    HEIM TRUDEAU And the SS are going after small busniess… for people that CONFORM to their way…. Encampment facilities being built on Reservations … FOR THOSE THAT DON'T COMPLY… WE NEED TO BURN them down … one is in portage la prairie …

  4. 15:24 Having to pay up front for "justice" is a system built for tyrants. Essentially the poor can't afford to have the few protections granted by government overlords enforced. Almost no system could be more unjust.


    It should be by now patently obvious to everyone this is not about the virus. Research led me to the World Economic Forum.
    They state that post Covid, Capitalism is to end as we know it and so is our idea of normal.
    A whole new worldwide economic system will be employed. For this reason our economies are being purposefully collapsed. It is part of the plan.
    They want a Green utopia where people do not travel or consume as they do now. It is underhanded, but sounds reasonable hey? That is until you understand that to build, all has to be destroyed first. More than that they talk of Equal Outcomes rather than Equal Opportunities, this is effectively Communism, the end of our individual liberty, freedom and human rights.
    They will ultimately force this vaccination, first through the offer, then coercion…take it or be ostracised from bars, events, travel, jobs. This will track your comings and goings and what will this vaccination contain, fertility reduction? All part of reducing population size?
    We are walking into a living nightmare and our Government is wholly complicit.
    Research them yourselves.
    *The World Economic Forum
    *The Great Reset
    *Build Back Better
    Ask why the World Economic Forum Mantra of “Build Back Better” is being parroted by the likes of Boris and Biden?
    It’s not about saving lives, it’s about destroying the economy to rebuild the new Green 4th Industrial Revolution.
    Through this lens the political irrationality we see makes rational sense.

  6. Government doesn't care. They get paid regardless of what happens so if you go out of business it means nothing to them except tax dollars. and even if you're out of business they'll still try to collect their taxes. Government is the purest form of corrupt organization.

  7. It is just ridiculous why gyms need to be shut down. People want to go out and exercise and stay fit. They do not want to be stuck in a house and feel miserable and just brood all the time. At least allow how many people can enter the gym and tell them to social distance.

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