September 29, 2021


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Sturgeon Has To Go ? Fighting To Save Her Reputation & Career…

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32 thoughts on “Sturgeon Has To Go ? Fighting To Save Her Reputation & Career…

  1. If Sturgeon was told “You are the woman who’s now absolute ruler of the whole world ? – here’s the ? keys” – she’d be behind the wheel driving us all to Armageddon before you can say Glasgow Rangers !!?? That woman craves POWER just as Thatcher did during the 80’s. I’m thinking you may well have been a supporter of Thatcher Alex ? I’m hoping I’m wrong – so if someone can enlighten me (it won’t be Mr Belfield as he never ? replies to the comments section ) – I’d be grateful ? Cheers ?

  2. I watched the whole of Salmond's evidence, and my unprofessional opinion is that this Harpy has to go. She cant come back from this but with either more lies of with a bigger cover up! Well Krankie you can cover a turd with a beautiful piece of silk but you can still smell it love, time to reach for that that kills 99% of all known germs.

  3. And so does half of our government. Ours are just as bad as theirs. But not let them resign, sack the bloody lot and carry out an investigation into their dealings and bank accounts, just like if they were normal people who's been stealing by deception .

  4. Regarding Brexit – 1,018,322 (38%) Scots voted to Leave the EU, so if we got Independence could the leave votes then get independence from that as well. I certainly want nothing to do with the EU

  5. Its funny how we send our army or troops around the world to get rid of dictators/tyrants but we cant get rid of her who's just across the border it makes me laugh.

  6. From what I've heard from many MSM outlets, the average person does not like her, they don't want to be walled in. Get rid of her. I'm sure the majority of people in Scotland do not want total independence & putting a wall up to keep the rest of UK out. How ridiculous & that's what the average person thinks. Get Rid! ????????

  7. This whole affair stinks and has done from the beginning, my father used to say " What can't speak can't lie." I want to know what has been redacted and why as do the Scottish people. McKrankie's tea's oot!

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