May 13, 2021


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39 thoughts on “Sugarcoated Doughnuts – You Won't Believe This

  1. "Why do we have to call it things like Capitalism, Communism, Socialism? Can't we come up with new words for it?" Sounds like so much else we're seeing in the body politic. "Communism and theft sound bad, so let's call it something else!"

  2. These dip shit doughnut people haven't worked a real day in their lives. You want my doughnut? Come and try and take it! You'll end up with a big hole in the middle like a doughnut.

  3. "We are working with G20 nations to agree to a global minimum corporate tax rate that can stop the race to the bottom."
    "Together we can use a global minimum tax to make sure the global economy thrives based on a more level playing field in the taxation of multinational corporations, and spurs innovation, growth, and prosperity," Yellen said in her prepared remarks.

  4. The doughnut economy is stupid. You would have to return to a completely de-industrialized world, back to the 1400's and a totally agrarian feudal society with no modern conveniences; like the Amish.

  5. I see less and less people are showing up to listen to this PM's is going to the moon narrative. I guess after a decade of promises people are waking up.

  6. They simply don't understand economics. They think that by talking around a table you can get circular economies. Grabbing a sawing machine works better. That's the real world.
    It is just another communistic fairy tail.

  7. Stackers TAKE NOTE….Ttumpster just stated that anyone/ everyone should boycott J.P.Morgan Chase. Anyone wanting to free pms from the evil manipulation should follow this in spades where appropriate!!!Along with many many ultra woke fascist corporations!!! Coke MLB Etc.

  8. I appreciate the work & video for sure. Me personally I would love to see the most important 5 – 10 minutes of this 71 minute video condensed into a "speed video" of some sort. Me personally I don't like sitting thro all the small talk..

  9. 🤨 When killers use guns against people that Don't have guns, do they stop the killing with guns or laws?
    And if people have to give up guns to stop people that are killing us with guns, how do you protect people if you don't have weapons… And why do you want the police and military to give up their guns? 👀
    You don't just want average at home jane doe to be home alone without protection, do you? 🤔

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