June 17, 2021


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Surprising BEST Osteoporosis Exercises for Stronger Legs, Hips, & Spine at Home

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23 thoughts on “Surprising BEST Osteoporosis Exercises for Stronger Legs, Hips, & Spine at Home

  1. People DO NOT NEED CALCIUM! That is old school thinking. Magnesium, silica, boron, K2 (MK4 &MK7 FORM) and minerals. New studies are saying no D3 to get it from sunshine. Join the Osteoporosis group on Facebook. Douglas Johnson is amazing. He has incredible knowledge.

  2. Way too many ads and they’re the most annoying type: long and unskippable, and then more ads that interrupt every few minutes. I’m done with you guys. There are other good physiotherapist you tubers who provide far clearer demonstrations on correct form.

  3. Not all Doctors give advise. Well at least mine didn’t. I’ve had to do lots of researching then I found you two. I’m now a regular watcher of your videos. Cheers from Brisbane Australia

  4. Hi Guys ! I thought running was bad on your joints?
    I have low bone density & thought I'd try this as I'm not very active.
    I hurt my back doing yoga & had X rays . Found out my spine isn't the best! Any advice for me ?

  5. Hi Brad & Bob,
    Have you any idea what exercises to do for osteoporosis in both wrists & shoulder ,
    if you could do a video on this it would be great , I have also got arthritis in both knees if you have any suggestions for that too!
    It would be appreciated thank you .
    Regards Christine Jones

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