May 11, 2021


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Surviving The Fallout of 9/11 | Aftermath (Terrorism Documentary) | Timeline

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41 thoughts on “Surviving The Fallout of 9/11 | Aftermath (Terrorism Documentary) | Timeline

  1. 26:12 Oh man thats heartbreaking. Apparently she was 2 months pregnant too, but atleast she appears to be doing fine now. She went on to create "Brent Woodall Foundation" that supports children with special needs and their parents

  2. Has anybody ever noticed that after the 1st tower falls there's a bunch of it left stuck up in the air? 9:49 you can see it pieces of it still standing can you truthers explain that one? If it was controlled why are those pieces still there The people that planted the bombs weren't that good if all of it didnt collapse at once mvv

  3. The lady at 33:02 and her smug remarks about waving the American flag as being "false and overdone" at a time when our nation was grieving makes me sick. The entire country knew we were going to war to find and destry the evil that was done to us. We all banned together as Americans to demonstrate that evil will not win.

  4. I'm from Brazil, I was 9 years old in september 11th, and I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing while the events unfolded. I don't have too much memories from my childhood, but this day specifically, I've never forgotten. May god bless the victims families.

  5. I can’t make myself not watch these 9/11 videos although I always wind up crying. I owe it to the ones who died. I will never forget. 🇺🇸😢🇺🇸😢🇺🇸

  6. I’m from U.K. & I assure you we were all Americans on that date & every year since. My Facebook page changes every year on this date for those who lost their lives in such a horrible way.

  7. What kind of door does Mr.Kerik describe walking through to get outside?

    What does Mr. Kerik say they were missing a lot of?

    The man playing piano sings that he is in what “state of mind”

    The narrator says that “since September 11th ,airport security has been taken over” by who?
    idk i was just wondering

  8. My heart breaks every time I see these videos 😢
    Everyone that was old enough to remember that day will not forget where they were & what they were doing. I remember it just like it was yesterday! It is surreal to see all these ppl walking away from the towers but the first responders running towards them. I still wonder to this day did the terrorists know when they hit those buildings just right that they would collapse??!

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