July 26, 2021


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34 thoughts on “Tax Day In America… Time To Fund The Killing Of More Palestinians! | Rumble with Michael Moore

  1. When my Jamaican friend, also named Lee, and I put out an article on how the corporate media criticized Russia for being an oligarchy but how Reagan and his donors were making America an oligarchy we not only had difficulty getting a major paper to cover it but we suddenly started getting seriously harassed by the police using race as an excuse. We did finally get our article printed though. The next article was about police harassment of black men, especially black men in the company of white women. It was a very interesting article since Lee was a very good journalist and I was the photographer but we decided what to write about and worked together on each article. While I had ideas to add I don't write well and Lee did. Every article was controversial but we always managed to get them printed, usually in the major papers. It wasn't my main job like it was his. We also wrote more than one about the treatment of Palestinians in Israel. Now if Bibi loses his replacement is worse. I wish Lee hadn't returned to Jamaica because I think we would be friends to this day but we lost touch. We barely had home internet and only those of us who were lucky. Jamaica didn't have it yet so we couldn't just email.

  2. Maybe you shouldn't have put your name on garbage documentaries telling people that the renewable energy industry is a scam. Then maybe I would still take you seriously. But you did. Your bad.

  3. I am so sad that you, Mr. Moore, turn out to be just another anti-Semite. That is certainly not because you hate Netanyahu, we all despise him. It is, because you side with a terror movement that actually calls for a genocide (against the Jews!) that has instigated violence against Jews in Israel and undiscriminatingly anywhere else for decades at least, that actually supported Hitler in order to get rid of the Jews by any means. If the US hadn't supported Israel it probably would no longer exist and the Hamas had actually 'driven' its Jewish population 'into the ocean'. Muslim Arabs in Israel are MK's, while no Jew is tolerated even to live in most Arab countries today. Please be more careful with 'ethnic cleansing' and big words like that!

  4. I think government needs to pass a law that any Jewish citizens in another country decided to move to Palestinian that person citizenship should be taken from them.

  5. Come on Michael Moore Gaza launched missiles to Israel so their supposed to just sit there and do nothing, come on you know that Gaza is hiding terrorists, don't u know that? So I don't know where you're getting out saying that Israel are killing children well that's Gaza's fault to let Hamas n,so u need to know facts before blaming Israel their only defending themselves!

  6. I was born in 1952 and raised a half mile away from the Ford Rouge Plant (where gate 4 and the Walter Reuther incident happened) in the South End of Dearborn , MI. We literally had people from around the globe who lived there for generations because of the Ford Plant and GM Plants.

  7. The press is not "easily duped", the press is in full collusion with the Zionist regime. In fact they are one and the same. The Israeli press, the US press are one hand… along with the press in much of the world.

  8. We need more of this in your channel. I am glad you did finally. But you forgot to mentioned the $700 billions in Arms Biden just signed as a price for Bibi. So here it's the true culprit of this nonsense wars. Pure evil.

  9. I'm not saying tiny, old Israel's response has been exactly right… But it definitely seems to me that when other countries do the same thing or far worse everyone's relatively quiet about it. No offense, but I sense A LOT of micro aggression, anti-Semitism and clandestine demonic influence here.

  10. Peace…
    Providing you with credible sources to understand this situation between Gaza and Israel…

    I will provide credible references on this topic of Gaza between Israel…

    I will answer through these articles and videos that explain aspects that I agree with…

    Links Blocked by YouTube…
    By Last American Vagabond "Israel calls icc antisemitic for deciding it has jurisdiction over war crimes"

    By The Last American Vagabond "icc investigates Israel Bidens same old forever war footing forced vaccines one way or another"

    By The Last American Vagabond "Israel apartheid regime according mainstream human rights groups"

    By The Last American Vagabond "clashes msm calls Israels attacks on worshippers holy site"

    By The Last American Vagabond "Palestinian people under attack but unified this time the rebels fight back"























    This is one reason Israeli Government chose a ceasefire, yet, it already accomplished its agenda on Gaza; Africans willing to go to war against Israel guerrilla-style war tactics are not easy to combat without extensive civilian loss…

    Take time out to watch these videos and read these articles to learn more as to why my opinion is what it is…

    Interesting how everytime that Netanyahu is unable to form a government there is a serious "civil unrest" problem that arises, which is always instigated by the Israeli Government to gather the opposite side to form a coalition government that allows the Totalitarian Dictator to continue his rule…

    With Peace and Divine Loving Consciousness 

  11. The US also sends arms to Saudi Arabia to kill their own people and those in Yemen. The US is the largest terrorist organization in the world. They help Israel commit genocide against Palestine while Israel becomes more like Hitler did against the Jews. Is that how the Jewish people want to be seen by the rest of the world? It's time for them to stand up and rid themselves of their own government!

  12. Unfortunately it’s not Israel’s fault that Hamas has no regard for civilian lives. If they keep firing rockets into Israel, then they will loose more non-combatants as Hamas has no regard for their lives. If Hamas fought fair there would be far less if any civilians lost. Of course Hamas has no regard for where their rockets land either whereas Israel makes precision strikes.

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