April 10, 2021


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Teachers speak out: school closures are a disaster

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39 thoughts on “Teachers speak out: school closures are a disaster

  1. I work in education. Lots of teachers prefer online because it vastly decreases their work. They outsource their jobs to the parents. Places like Japan schools have been running with no issues since May. All their events are on as normal. I believe they have something like 18 million students. The gov't when it announced the state of emergency 3 weeks ago in Japan clearly stated that they have from 8 months of data no evidence that schools spread. The decision to close schools in the UK and in places in the US is simply a political decision. Unfortunately, children especially the poorer ones are being punished. I have worked with outline learning for over 15 years I do consulting work for a major company that builds platforms, I can tell you that it is a very impoverished form of teaching and learning. The UK gov't doesn't care about children.

  2. Another issue with Zoom learning is volume…laptops are too quiet, you can often barely hear what a teacher is saying, the slightest background noise can drown out laptops and not everyone has speakers or headphones…plus if it’s shared learning headphones are no use!

  3. If I had locked my daughter into my house and refused to let her go to school for even a week, I would be in jail and they would have taken my daughter away from me, with the argument that I am abusing my child. Somehow the government is allowed to do that.

  4. As a former teacher who studied child development, I can wholeheartedly say that Alex Gutentag is a true hero and advocate for children, bravely speaking on their behalf when so many adults have turned a blind eye towards children's unspeakable short- and long-term devastations because they let the corporate mass media's irrational and pseudo-science fearmongering campaign render them to becoming hypochondriacs. It is a sad state of affairs in which bravery is required to tell the truth and speak their minds because the cancel culture of anything against the prescribed beliefs and anti-discourse censorship are utterly pervasive with direct, dire consequences to follow.

    Freddie's follow-up questions were definitely fair because they most likely would be ones that the hypochondria-induced individuals would ask, and in standing her ground through them, she demonstrated her clear resolve in understanding the Covid-19 data as it pertains to schools and children as well as the need to stand up for what is right–even in the face of suffocating thought-policing by corporate mass media, social media, and in turn, much of the neo-liberal-influenced public.

  5. Ms. Gutenta, thank you for sharing your perspective. I think Oakland can be a tough place to teach. And I think teachers in low income communities were already teaching in a difficult situation even before covid19. I think you are a brave student advocate. My respects to you!

  6. Teachers are below the age of 65 years therefore would have a high recovery rate. Children are suffering – it’s mental and physical abuse by not letting them go to school

  7. "THEY" do what they think is right? Well the first thing to realize is that "THEY" are doing what is working for "THEIR" own agenda. And Worse "THEY" (Bureaucrats) love to exercise power. Even Worse, the basic agenda of "THEM" is to avoid any kind of risk or accountability and the safest thing for "EVERYONE" to do is "NOTHING", at least in "THEIR" ID.

  8. Online learning is terrible. We stopped doing it. I asked the teacher to send me a list of what needs to be covered and we will do it ourselves. 90 minutes a week face to face with the teacher, complex systems to submit work. Total pain in the butt.

  9. Why not get some public health experts to join you and provide some balance? Really, let’s raise the debate. Less polemics, more light please.

  10. When the survival rate is over 99% of all people infected with the virus, everything they‘ve mandated was unneccessary from the very start! Of course our children are suffering 😠 but so are our elderly through isolation. We all feel vulnerable, with no control over our own life, destiny. Not to forget the extreme brainwashing, distrust of strangers, phobias of germ catching, self-isolation even if you could go out … and these are just some of the mental illnesses we are all suffering with. Lord have mercy!! In the past, and I‘m talking Pre-Covid19, hundreds of thousands of people would die every year from any number of bacterial or viral infections, but now suddenly we allow our governments to be „responsible“ for these deaths?? They cannot be responsible and they should not be!! The second you give them this responsibility (which we already have given them on a silver platter in the name of saving our fellow humans) is the second WE ALL GAVE UP OUR FREEDOM. This is not about saving any lives, this is not about the NHS overload, this is about control. And if we all just sit back, watch and obey, then we deserve what we get 😔 It‘s a crying shame, especially for our children and our grandchildren. And for God‘s sake, eat healthy whole foods, take your vitamins, exercise, sleep well and then your immune system can fight off any virus – without this vaccine which is more harmful than good – and that‘s the truth, so help me God!! Why are we not hearing more debates on all of these topics? I‘ll tell you why, THEY ARE CENSORING EVERYTHING. And I think as time goes on, we all will grow tired and have no fight left in us. So people, it‘s now or never – we need to take back our lives, take back our responsibility for our health!

  11. In the UK, 5% of teachers are older than 60 and, of course, some who are under 60 are vulnerable to COVID and also must be supported. But, according to the Office of National Statistics, 388 under 60s with no medical conditions died in 2020 of COVID in a population of 66,000,000. In 2019, 955 under 60s died in road traffic accidents. A healthy teacher is more than twice as likely to be killed during the drive to work as they are by contracting COVID at work. The children are more likely to be killed by lightning. I’m so grateful to teachers who are passionate about their vocation and want to help our children. I’m disappointed by those teachers and teacher Unions who are placing every conceivable barrier in the way of them doing so.

  12. Again another outrageous decision for the schools to be closed. Teachers who opted for this should be ashamed – it’s been union driven. The children will suffer for what a virus which is 99% recovery rate.

  13. A must watch

    Freddy it would be useful if you could interview this German scientist. In my view your challenging style of interviewing would expose any weaknesses in his argument. Dr Sam appears to be new to interviewing and I felt that she didn’t challenge his position on this subject. Thanks for the great work you do.

  14. You can’t control the virus and have schools open because schools are not able to guarantee social distancing and children do not wear masks. I am a teacher and this is just the reality. If everything else is shut, then it makes no sense to have schools open because you are just extending the lockdown. I just think you are arguing for what is morally right but is it morally right to force a small business to shut and bankrupt the owners? Of course not none of this is morally right. I am sick to death of people criticising what is a unilateral health decision.

  15. Its clear this is psychological warfare. Nearly everyone is suffering right now, except the elite who don't follow the rules. What we need to do as communities is just resist this technocratic society and go back to simpler times. This pandemic is masking (pun non intended) what's really happening in the world. The big tech giants are advancing their own interests here by ensuring we fear this ridiculous virus enough to change our entire system to suit them and make them more money, at the expense and suffering of the rest of us. Its getting ridiculous now, and we must resist.

    My first act of resistance, going bsck to a flip phone. Anyone who's constantly plugged in right now, unplug. Keep your smart phone, use it as home while connected to wifi for ease of internet access (to find something quickly instead of going to the computer.) But leave it at home, or switch to airplane mode while you're out just to use it for picture taking. Its more of a mini computer with a good camera, instead of a phone. Set limits in your time using it at home. The cell phones are just as addictive as a substance, dont think they're not. They're effecting the chemicals of our brains just as much. The data is in to prove that. And who does our addictions benefit??? The big tech giants of course, while destroying everything that truly makes us feel whole and complete. Human connection, community involvement, communication and discussion, its all been destroyed because of our addiction to increasingly advancing technology. Get off your phones as much as you can. Get outside and connect with the earth. Be present with your kids and your surroundings. And i dont care what our governments say, human connection in person is required for our survival and is desperately needed these days more than ever. Fuck them. Do what you need to do for you and your family, and disconnect from this life sucking addiction to your phones.

  16. I live in a suburb 30min. from SF, CA. My 5th grader goes back to school Monday, Feb. 1st. The school is going through a staged re-opening in which the lower grades go back first. This has been going on for the last 3 months. Kindergarten returned on Oct. 26th. But this is a private school. Finding out which public schools are actually open is nearly impossible as they don't put this information on the school district websites.

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