April 11, 2021


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Ted Cruz EXPLODES on Big Tech With Blistering Rant… AND Brings the Receipts

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45 thoughts on “Ted Cruz EXPLODES on Big Tech With Blistering Rant… AND Brings the Receipts

  1. Ted Cruz gave $35 MILLION from YOUR COVID stimulus to 2 oil frackers that contributed to his campaign . They didn't really need it and went on to buy more fracking businesses. Why do the rich get richer? How much money did Cruz get from this favor??? THANKS TED. Frickin corrupt Republicans. THUGS and THIEVES

  2. There is wide spread election Freud. Even Bidensaid it was rigged. He also said he did not need our votes because of having this huge voter freud in place. He said I need your support after the election. Most People are not backing Biden , they turn out by the tens of thousands for Trump. The people are supporting President Trump.

  3. TV networks 100% PR for Biden Obama Hillary …..100% against Trump / Pence.
    Treason .
    No election fraud evidence ….lies.
    Ballot is toilet paper.
    Soldier's blood made into ketchup.
    Win at any cost…..
    Democrats if we play by the rules it's 4 more yrs Trump.
    If we break the rules & cheat….Biden / Harris win.

  4. It won't be long till these Oligarchs push individuals to far and they get offed. Starting with the King himself GEORGIE Poros ,then Suckerberg , Jack Docile and Dill Gates. These are the true Enemy of the PEOPLE WORLDWIDE !!!!

  5. Ted is yelling at big tech AGAIN.. So… Nothing is being accomplished… AGAIN.. We all know how this techocracy could be fixed, REVOKE their protection under the section 230 of the Communication Decency Act. Anything else is just a show to fool the masses into thinking they are accomplishing something.. Which they are NOT.

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