October 17, 2021


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Ted Cruz Just Made the Best Case for the Second Amendment You’ll Ever Hear

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48 thoughts on “Ted Cruz Just Made the Best Case for the Second Amendment You’ll Ever Hear

  1. Let's not talk about the CIA and the FBI paying mercenaries to pull off ops in the US. The US government has gotten to big and WAY TO POWERFUL. WE ARE NOT FREE, we are controlled. There are way more things we do that are regulated and monitored, than things we do that aren't. Our founding fathers third to warm us about these day. OPEN YOUR EYES PPL.

  2. It is terrible to be guilty before being proven so. But wait, there's more….!
    Once they get their hands on you property they "the gov't", they have a.million dollar or in most states a multi-million dollar law firm working to keep your property.
    It's just like when they find you have 10k or even just 5k in yoir car on the way to buy something and pay in cash
    (Usually to get a better deal) and get pulled over for …speeding, or not using a turn signal or whatever…and they take your money saying it "could be drug related". Civil forfeiture they call it.
    You must hire a lawyer to fight to get yoir own money back. That costs a lot to do. Or the police may offer you a deal like give us half and we will return the rest.
    What has America come to that you cannot carry cash to buy something and if your crazy ex calls the cops and says you are the crazy one…well then you cannot even protect yourself or your money when you get carjacked.
    These practices need to end and what's ours needs to stay ours and we need the means to defend what is ours.
    Rant Over…..Sorry folks, it just pisses me off with all this take first prove later garbage.

  3. telling people to use a fake gun to defend themselves is criminal. i hope he is held accountable every time someone with a fake gun is shot and killed because the other person had a REAL gun.

  4. Outlawing guns for law abiding citizens makes them victims – not just victims of criminals, but also of the military. This is the guiding rule for the rise of all dictators.

  5. How a politician or bureaucrat thinks about your 2A rights is a big indicator of what he/she/it thinks about your freedoms in general. If they're against 2A, they think they are your master, not your employee.

  6. Ted Cruz forgot to bring up BLM's Defund/Disband police effort which have been effective. Many police programs have been defunded and many police stations have been disbanded. Cops are being demoralized and are quitting en masse. How are they going to enforce any gun control law when there are no cops there to enforce it? There is probably close to or over 100 million gun owners in the US. There is not enough BATF-E agents to do the work. They can red flag every gun owner, there will probably be no police to carry out that order. Furthermore, without the police, people may start coming together to form either gangs or militias to protect their own communities. BLM efforts have also created new gun ownership and more appreciation of the 2nd Amendment. In a sense maybe we should let BLM win in order to destroy any gun control narrative. The NRA motto of "When seconds count, cops are minutes away." is no longer valid. It's now "when seconds count, no cops will be there to help, you are on your own. "

  7. If citizens are charged with perjury for lying to their government, government officials and politicians ought to be charged with perjury for lying to their constituents.

  8. Sounds like they don't want the people of Ct to be able to protect themselves against all the illegals they are dropping off there by the hundreds. I would tell the decent citizens of Ct to get a gun, however possible and not register it. Or hide your guns.

  9. The Red Flag law violates the Amendment that covers illegal search and seizure. The other problem with the Red Flag law is someone you don't even know can file a complaint that you own firearms and afraid of you and your firearms may be confiscated without a search warrant. I own firearms and I'm not a threat to anyone. Period!

  10. Its like a person said. How is the Government Feds or State going to take the guns from the Gangs and Criminals who already have thousands and thousands of guns illegal in their possession. As Chicago found out. You might take away all the legal guns from Citizens. But the Gangs and Criminals are still well armed and some better then the military.

  11. The comment about using a fake gun to try and bluff a mugger or assailant of any kind would be beyond stupid if it was to come out of the mouth of a civilian, but for a high ranking official , the very official nominated to run the BATF is insanity and wrong on so many levels! It's criminally stupid to suggest and could very easily get someone killed. But good news for Jon Kerry, we've finally found someone dumber than him!

  12. I believe his analysis of the math is bit flawed. This is usually a problem of the left. If one out of every three individuals who have had their firearms confiscated in Connecticut are entirely innocent, that means two out of three are not innocent. I’d still say that’s significant progress. Considering how far society have devolved in the past few decades, there’s no simple solution to this problem.

  13. Thumbss down 👎 for the support of red flag laws period. They are an absolute violation of several constitutional rights starting with the 2nd and moving to the 4th, 6th and 14th amendments. Any congressman/woman promoting, writing co sponsoring and voting for such laws should be prosecuted for violating ALL of these rights

  14. Bullshit. His claims are disproven by essentially every other western country in terms guns per capita and of gun related deaths. And while the US has more people in prison than even China (!), that doesn‘t seem to work in reducing gun violence. He just plays with the fears of ignorant gun owners.

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