October 17, 2021


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Terror Police Attempt to Ban My Videos

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48 thoughts on “Terror Police Attempt to Ban My Videos

  1. I was a NSW Police officer for 22yrs, you know back when Police were protecting the community and when spelling was a compulsory requirement. Today’s Police Force is unrecognisable and the distain towards them is justified. I used to be proud of my service but thanks to you current serving police I am completely ashamed. It’s called Original Authority (You know the thing all Police have to stop bullshit like this happening, where no one regardless of rank can make you arrest or start proceedings against another even if Fuller tells 19yr old Probationary Constable New Kid to arrest someone…. You do NOT have too if you do NOT believe you should).

    That said, wake the fuck up and get back to real Police work and stop harassing independent you-tubers who are rightly so criticising you for constantly fucking up.

  2. They are so used to doing what they want without question, that the only thing they can do when opposed is to double down – after all, it's always worked before. This is really not great 🙁 I'm glad jordies is taking them on …but he shouldn't have to!! How did shit get so bad?

  3. Even though she ruled on Jordie's side so far, that judge really seems to hate him…can anyone explain what exactly she thinks is gibberish and idiotic?

  4. Attacking spelling on a court deposition is one hundred percent legit. If they can’t get that basic document right it means their competence is questionable in more complex matters.

  5. This case has got next to no chance. McQueen should stop playing boys club games, stop wasting public money and withdraw now. I know at least one media lawyer who’d love to get his hands on this.

  6. ive had the terror squad show up about post on my account before(a post i dont even remember making that had been deleted before i could go read it….), during the koala killer period

  7. I love how you alter your voice to accurately portray these bumbling pinheads for what they are.
    Also there doesn't appear to be a limit on the amount of grammatical/spelling errors that can appear on a legal document. This is comedy gold.

  8. In a legal document spelling is actually extremely important, especially when spelling names. Spelling the name wrongly identifies the wrong individual, also like you pointed out the “Chanel” is not a channel. So they are asking to gag a fictitious person over a fictitious product.

    Talk about incompetence these clowns should be removed from service.
    #FireMcQueen #donotcomply

  9. Hey FJ, love your work keep it up legend. Love the inverse ratio of likes to dislikes. Speaks volumes in itself mate. Congrats on having nearly 3 percent of the nation subscribed buddy, more than I can say for any of the SO CALLED news professionals that have invaded us.

  10. But seriously, if spelling errors are made does it not invalidate the order? If they get my name wrong on a court order surely it does not apply to me? Police: are you Bne? Me: No, Ben. Police: whatever, you'll do.

  11. Speaking of Chile’s dictatorship..there was a time when the trade unions helped bring dictators down and challenge the ruling elite…look at ‘No Pasaran’ the film a homage to the Scottish trade union and its role in standing with the Chilean people against Pinochet…

  12. I'm not defending them, but if you read that 2GB article at the start a touch more thoroughly, it says Scott Morrison used to collect Mick Fuller's bins, not the other way around.

  13. Hey Jordie how about doing a piece about scomo's zero net emissions with scomo worshiping his piece of coal with the music in the back ground of midnight oil's short memories over s back ground of the Murdochricie.
    Thanks love your work & your Bruz shirt I ware with pride

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