May 14, 2021


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Texas And Mississippi Just RUINED Their Plan!

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29 thoughts on “Texas And Mississippi Just RUINED Their Plan!

  1. the cases are dropping because within hours biden admin changed testing protocols. this of course has NOTHING to do with making it seem like the vaccine/biden is the "cure". here i'll say it since you can't lol

  2. My opinion is democratic governor's had to put people into nursing homes, because not enough people were dieing. They had to boost the numbers to manipulate us into submission.

  3. EVERYBODY LISTEN TO WHAT LUKE SAID 12 MINUTES IN………. THE "PAN demic" didn't have an effect on your kids and parents lives…. the planned over reaction of the government truly had the effect on you and your loved ones lives… AKA YOUR SILLY ASSES ALLOWING THEM TO PULL THIS HAD THE TRUE EFFECT….I mean the governments absurd mandates did. Which couldn't have happened without us accepting the PAN demic agenda. Wake up reread

  4. Food these states that opened or relaxed restrictions do so because the "reported" "numbers" went down or did the "reported" "numbers" go down because they wanted to open back up?

  5. yep, more large gov is what we need so we cant do anything without special permission we paid for. I get some regulations, but most are just there to make life harder and serve no real purpose.

  6. Systemic racism hmmm, lets see, whites always get the ceos jobs, large trucking corps tell me whats the % of any other races in high commanding positions! Lets make a list, LETS GO!

  7. Yep—we could be preventing 80% of covid deaths with vitamins and sunshine.
    The fact that “public health” officials remain silent on this fact means that they are incompetent at best and murderers at worst.

  8. I had no desire to live in Texas or Mississippi before Covid and I certainly have no desire to live there now. Gross. They are terrible places to live because there are terrible people living there.

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