April 10, 2021


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THAILAND REOPENING TODAY (Big News in Bangkok) – 60 Seconds in Thailand

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48 thoughts on “THAILAND REOPENING TODAY (Big News in Bangkok) – 60 Seconds in Thailand

  1. to be honest its easy to reduce the Quaranteen time from 14-16 ( depends on ASQ HOTEL ) down to 7 and removed the quarantine for People who got vaccinated remove the quarantine completely like out Community is eager to travel to Thailand but the 14-day quarantine is the reason why almost all say no

  2. 14 days quarantine needs to go away. No desire to spend money and vacation in jail. So disturbed to hear quarantine still required even with a complete vaccination. The most ridiculous rules! Good luck with attracting more tourists.

  3. Digital passports showing vaccination along with rapid testing prior to boarding and another at arrival is probably the only way to avoid quarantine. Obviously digital passport is not available and probably won't be for months or maybe years, but it's just one of the ideas that's been talked about lately.

  4. Travel will be contingent on getting an untested, dangerous covid vaxs in the near future. The travel industry and the world we know it, is over forever. My understanding is that all current covid 19 vaxs are mRNA type. Dont they change your DNA?? No thank you. All the governments of the world, are pushing lockstep procedures to usher in the NWO. Christians call it the End of Days.

  5. Just found your channel… I’d definitely come back with my family fir vacation but the quarantine would have to be reduced to 7 days or less. Love my kids but not going to be locked up in a hotel room for 14 days.

  6. Re: Golf Quarantine..they should do something similar on Soi 6 Pataya – I dont mind an hour a day out of the prison for that 🙂 Other issue with the quarantine, no alcohol!! so you cannot even get squiffy to pass the time

  7. I'm in quarantine day 4 now. It's not the worst way to spend two weeks. Good WiFi, hot shower, good bed, good food, and after two weeks, I can see Thailand without huge crowds of tourists. Seems like a once in a lifetime opportunity to me. Plus I finally get to meet my Thai girlfriend after talking with her for over two years online. I had tickets to come a year ago, but stupid Covid ruined it.

  8. There is NO way I would come until they lift ALL the BS restriction! I want to experience the country, not be locked up in a hotel, I can do that here for free! I liked your report about how the endings will be getting much happier. 😂

  9. I wish it mattered what any of us peons thought, but we all know that it does not. Sadly, even with a vaccine it appears that we may all have to wait until the "Great Reset" has been put into effect and the world has been "Built Back Better." I know that the longer these restrictions are in place they will continue to hurt people who run tourist based businesses, but we also know that does not seem to be that important to the decision makers. But great videos Chris and Chris ..and Chris. Thanks for the light hearted Canadian approach. It is much needed in these times.

  10. The STV seems to be an unclear paperwork nightmare that has a lot of "and the foreigner will be permanently barred from the Kingdom" lines attached to vague and broad statements. That makes STV a non-starter for me as somebody currently engaged, but not yet married to, a thai national. I can't risk them having a low bar for permanently separating us from our family.

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