March 3, 2021


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The 8 Hour Photo Project (Fujifilm X100T + GoPro POV)

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43 thoughts on “The 8 Hour Photo Project (Fujifilm X100T + GoPro POV)

  1. Hi Pablo. Can you share with us your method of approaching strangers? With something this "in your face," I would imagine that a lot of people would be reluctant. How do you get them to pose for you when they are busy on their way to work? Also, what is your "yes rate?" Keep up the great work, mate. Loving these small projects.

  2. Enjoying your videos mate. I also have an x100T. Tell me, are you shooting RAW or JPG? I was a die hard RAW shooter but I'm swaying towards JPGS from Fugi. It's making my life alot easier

  3. So… insurance is the asnwer, right? ๐Ÿ˜› men dress so smart round there! i love that most of their ties were a bit crooked or scraffy looking. The dinosaurs one won at life. Really nice video!

  4. man, again I really loved your video. Question: How do you get inspired to do this stuff? I mean something so simple and varied as a tie. Damn, you are awesome. Greetings from Mexico.

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