September 25, 2021


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The Amazing Gold Chart that May Tell the Future for Stocks…

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38 thoughts on “The Amazing Gold Chart that May Tell the Future for Stocks…

  1. It is NOT undervalued, it IS losing relevance. Gold is dead. Younger people don't want it. Nor do smart people that know how to generate better returns than holding a pretty metal.

  2. Jeff & Mike – It would be very helpful if you would do a video on what happens to Gold & Silver miners when the market crashes. Do the miners go down with the rest of the markets or is there a delay? Also, do they recover before the markets?


  3. the gold/500 chart doesn't take into account the gold price rigging does it? That means the ratio is lower than it should be right now. If I were the fed and I wanted to buy as much gold as I could, you know what I would do? I would take half my fiat funny money and buy gold put futures, then when I suppressed the price go buy more physical with the other half of my funny money. Then I would sell my puts to get out. You think that's what they could be doing? Mike maybe you could show a comparison of the Reuters commodity index, which is hitting highs recently and the price of gold which is a commodity and is down over that same period. Or compare all other metals with gold and silver and the reuters chart. Gold and silver are being suppressed!

  4. Many life's has been transformed, many debts has been paid off through investment with Miss Nora Adamz its never too late to get started, never depend on a single source of income.

  5. I will forever appreciate this channel, you've helped my family alot, your videos, advice, lessons and funny words are inspirational and helpful to us. My wife and I have been able to be minimal, conscious in spending, saving and investing wisely, I now earn every week. You're such a blessing to this generation. we all love you??

  6. It’s forever been “just a correction” & “another chance to add more”. ?
    Seriously though, I’m a bull in the long run and need to continue exercising patience, continue adding to the portfolio. Luckily I’m still young enough to stay on the ride.. Cheers to all the STACKERS !

  7. Borrowing money I mean “currency” (sorry Mike) to open and trade in a margin account is illegal. Regulation T was established to halt such practices. Stockbrokers under FINRA know your customer rules were required to find out the source of capital prior to opening a margin account. With a Laissez-faire online trading mentality of online brokers this is a recipe for disaster to the credit issuing community, and hence the populace in general.

  8. The Fed reckons it can predict what happens a few years from now. But wait, the Fed cannot even work out what's going to happen a few weeks from now.

  9. Several intelligent people are terrible investors because they face the market
    With untrained physiology and untamed emotions. You need to Keep raw irrational emotions under control.

  10. The point of existence is to let people be as they choose. Schwabe, Gates, Every Politician wants to impose their will, to the point of what thought is acceptable upon everybody – that is the epitome of a tyrant. Nature has her own laws that are above deranged edicts of power hungry gangsters. Know this tyrants.

  11. After watching this channel for over two years now, I must admit that I kind of crave a new perspective. I understand there is a massive manipulation going on. I understand silver prices are low and the case for silver is very bullish. But every video is just two guys talking about why silver and gold is so undervalued. You take in people that confirm just that too. How about some new perspective? Are there potential risk for silver coming up? Is there a case where gold wont go up? Could you take in someone that challenge your beliefs?
    I love this channel and so many of your videos taught me so much. But it starting to get very repetitive the content. Also silver in the past year has not been a massively good investment. You could have talked about commodities in general. While we were told to buy more gold, many missed crypto taking off with 3000+% returns while waiting for silver to skyrocket to 10x.
    Bring some new insights and make me want to return to this channel more. I miss a healthy debate about gold and silver

  12. its the reddit trade, the borrowers that take out loans to invest know that when it all collapses, they will be bailed out. Actually a bold but smart move. Just watch , last move is to bail out mainstreet.

  13. If theybare doing loans to buy shares its probably GME or AMC and in that case they are making a LOT of money!!! Im up $24,000 on AMC shares I sold 3oz of gold and added a couple pay checks and im up MASSIVE and the money I take in I will be able to buy a LOT more silver and a LOT more gold here in the end!!!! I can already buy 12 oz's of gold off of mily investments, were busting the Hedgies in the mouth and exposing the Federal Reserve!!!!

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